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The US troops helped the Allies win the war.

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Q: What role did the US troops play in World War 1?
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What role did Patton play in World War 2?

He was the general in charge of the US Army, for the troops fighting in Europe

What role did Iowa play in the Civil War?

Iowa provided food, troops and supplies to Union forces during the Civil War. 76,000 troops from Iowa served in the war.

What role did the ships play in world war 1?

War ships played a minor role in world war one as the British had total control of the seas with their Grand Fleet but convoys played an important part in moving troops and supplies from the Americas to the battlefields of Europe.

What part did Canada play in world war 1?

Canada contributed many troops to the war. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was also a decisive victory for the Canadian troops in World War I.

What was the role of the European colonies during World War 1?

The role of the European colonies during World War I was to provide Vital Supplies, like food and clothing and weapons and troops.

What role did World War 1 play in the revolution?


What role did Arabs play in World War 2?

not much

What role did the Mississippi river play in the civil war?

it let the union block off Texas from sending troops

What role did Wisconsin play in the US Civil War?

It sent a number of troops to fight,paid taxes to help pay for the war,etc.

What overall role did Arkansas play in the American Civil War?

During the Civil War, Arkansas provided troops, supplies, and leadership to the Confederacy.

What role did the U.N. nations play in the Korean war?

Member countries of the UN supplied troops and war materials to aid South Korea.

What role did the British gunboats Mimi and Toutou play in World War 2?

It was World War one.

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