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Albert Einstein attended college at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School, later renamed the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1911. He didn't do very well, always daydreaming of stuff like what the universe would look like when "riding on the back of a photon", etc. This is known in German as "Gedankenexperiment".. eg "thought experiment"... One amazing thing about Einstein is that his imagination was his laboratory. Another is that he spent the last 3 decades of his life as a champion for civil rights and socialism, just like MLK Jr.

Wiki user must be 5 years old. I can't believe his content is the best this site has to offer on all things Einstein related. :(

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albert Einstein went to Einstein school

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Q: What school did Albert Einstein go to?
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Where did Albert Einstein go for elementary school?

A catholic school

Where Albert Einstein go to school?

Luitpold Gymnasium

Where did Albert Einstein go to middle school?


Did Albert Einstein go to a science school?

no he didn't

Did Albert Einstein go to school?

Yes, Albert Einstein went to school all of his life. He attended elementary school, jr high, and high school.

When did Albert Einstein School end?

Albert Einstein School ended in 2010.

When was Albert Einstein School created?

Albert Einstein School was created in 1967.

How long did Albert Einstein go to school?

4 years

When did albert Einstein go to school at rotterdam academy?


How was Albert Einstein in school?

Albert Einstein failed math.

How long did Albert Einstein go to school for?

Albert Einstein only went to a formal school for eight years, but later served five years of college

What is the motto of Albert Einstein High School?

Albert Einstein High School's motto is 'The Place to Be'.

When was Albert Einstein High School created?

Albert Einstein High School was created in 1962.

Where did Albert Einstein go?

Albert Einstein is dead now.

Did Albert Einstein go to public school?

Albert Einstein did attend public schools. He went to a Catholic school for awhile and then attended Lutipold Gymnasium. He also attended Argovian Cantonal school.

Did albert Einstein fail school?

he did

Was Albert Einstein poorly in school?


How old was Albert Einstein when he graduated high school?

Albert Einstein was 17 years old when he graduated from High School.

What Special Training or education did Albert Einstein have?

Albert EInstein went to physics school and tought high school science

Did Albert Einstein work at Princeton?

== == No Albert Einstein did not work at Princeton but he did go there

When did Albert Einstein go to collage?

Albert Einstein went to college in 1887

Schools Albert Einstein attended?

the first school albert einstein attended was luitplod gymnasium

What school did Albert einstein teach at?

Albert Einstein was a professor at the Berlin Academy of Sciences. When Hitler came into power Einstein was visiting the U.S and did not return to the school.

Can you give me the image of Albert Einstein?

I you wanna have an image of Albert Einstein, go to Google Images and search for "Albert Einstein" and voila.

Where did albert einstein go to grade school?

Albert attended a Catholic elementary school from the age of five for three years. The elementary school was called the Petersschule.