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Try They offer an extremely accurate College Matchmaker quiz. Select your specifications and VOIA-LA!

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Q: What schools in Ohio have event planning courses?
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What colleges in Ohio have event planning courses?

Ohio state

When was Ohio Planning Conference created?

Ohio Planning Conference was created in 1919.

Do any colleges in Ohio offer IT courses online?

Browse online Ohio schools to find the best choice for your college degree, from ... field have grown rapidly in the recent past and that trend should continue. ... as well as local and national schools the offer online classes for Ohio residents.

Are there any film schools in Ohio?

Yes. There are many Film Schools in Ohio. It appears that many of the major cities and towns in Ohio have schools. Cleveland, Columbus, and Ohio State Universities all have film schools.

NCAA division 1 Ohio schools?

there are 17 division 1 schools in Ohio

Where to find iv certification courses in Ohio?

locations in ohio for IV certifications for LPN's

How many medical schools are there in Toledo, Ohio?

There are three medical schools located in Toledo, Ohio. Medical School of Ohio, Mercy College of Northwest Ohio and The College of Medicine at The University of Toledo.

What is the best college in Ohio?

For most people Ohio StateUniversity it can help in all courses. Its in Columbus.

What is the best school in Ohio to obtain physician assistant training?

There are several great schools for physician assistant training in Ohio. One of the leading schools is the Medical College of Ohio.

Where can you study photography?

There are many schools you can go to for photography OSU university in Ohio is one of them. You can also study in online courses or apprentice with professional photographers. Some community colleges also have classes.

Which schools after USC had the most drafted in 2009 NFL draft?

THE Ohio State THE Ohio State THE Ohio State

What schools did Rubin Carter went?

to Ohio

Are there pro wrestling schools in akron Ohio?


Where can I find an aviation school that is either in Pennsylvania or Ohio?

You can find a list of aviation schools that are in Pennsylvania or Ohio on the following website: They have a lot of flight schools listed.

How many schools are in Akron Ohio?

1 university and college; 57 public schools.

Can students go on medical leave in Ohio schools?

Students can indeed go on medical leave in Ohio schools. This is a mandatory rule that must be followed by the school.

Which weather event is least likely in August Ohio tornado thunderstorm drought blizzard?

It would be impossible for a blizzard to hit Ohio in August. A blizzard is a winter event, and for Ohio, August is well into the summer.

How many Ohio schools do cheerleading stunts?

All of them

How many schools all together are there in Ohio?


Should phones be banned from Ohio schools?


What are some pastry schools in Ohio?

Some good pastry schools in the state of Ohio includes the Culinary Institute of America, Le Cordon Bleu cooking academy, and other smaller cooking schools and culinary academies.

How many schools are in Columbus Ohio?

11 universities and colleges, 8 technical and 2-year schools, 128 public schools.

How many schools fall under the Ohio High School Athletic Association?

There are approximately 820 member high schools and 850 more schools in the 7th-8th grade division of the OHSAA. Most public and private high schools in Ohio belong to the OHSAA.

What are the names of all ohio division 2 schools?

D2 football schools in Ohio are Ohio Dominican, Ashland, Central State, Findlay, Lake Erie College, Malone, Notre Dame College, Tiffin, Urbana, and Walsh.

Where can I get a list of current real estate schools in the central Ohio area?

There are many online websites that offer listings of real estate schools in the ohio area. You can also use a search engines to find all the schools in your area.

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