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What services can you expect from cable television?

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Cable Television companies offer a horde of services to suit individual preferences. They offer local, national, and international programs and channels. Although each cable company has its own set of packages and services, they differ only slightly, and fall broadly under the same categories. These categories can be classified as:

  • Basic Cable Services: As the name implies, this is the most basic level of services. Basic services include all the off-air Broadcast Television channels as well as all the mandatory franchise related channels, and the government public and education channels. These also include the free to air channels. With almost all cable companies, it is necessary to subscribe to the basic service to be able to receive any of the other available services. Basic service programs can change at any time.

  • Second Tier Services: This level of service is the one that most people subscribe to as it offers most of the popular channels. It includes national super stations such as WGN as well as other programs such as the Sports channel

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How much should I expect to pay for cable TV services?

With a cable provider, you should expect to pay about 50 dollars a month for the basic service. You may be able to get it a little cheaper with satellite service.

When did cable first come about for TVs?

Cable television first became available in 1948 and subscription services began in 1949. By 2006, 60% of Americans subscribed to basic cable services.

Does cable tv use satellite?

Cable TV doesn't use Satellites. They are two different services. Cable TV is a digital service where you get the services by using a cable installed by your cable tv provider in your area. The Satellite TV is the strong competition of Cable TV. It needs a satellite dish and a satellite to receive digital-TV signals from the providers.On the link provided, you will see the comparison of Satellite TV and Cable TV and why Satellite TV is the superior on both services.EDIT: Cable-TV does use satellites - but only to bring in the signal from other countries. It's fed to distribution equipment, which sends it down the cable to individual homes. For example - I have cable-TV supplied by Virgin Media - they broadcast content from other countries supplied to them by satellites (eg. SKY 1 which is an American broadcaster), and they send it down a cable to my home. Snakester1962 (Supervisor)

What services are offered with Charter Cable?

Charter Cable is an authorized reseller of a variety of services that include cable TV, Internet and telephone. This company can bundles these services in order to provide better pricing.

Tell me more about cable TV internet?

Cable TV companies like Time Warner now offer internet services. They also offer cable boxes for TVs that have internet functions. Time Warner offers a discount on bundling these two services.

Why is there a growing trend for people to be cable TV free?

A lot of people are cancelling their cable TV services, and instead opting to use streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. It is a lot cheaper to use the streaming services rather than using regular cable.

What companies offer digital tv services?

There are many companies that offer digital tv services. The companies that offer digital tv services include: Verizon Fios, Comcast Cable, and Direct TV.

What are the name of some cable providers in Allentown, PA?

Some of the cable providers are Sat Services Inc, Allentown Cable, DISH Network, DIRECTV Satellite Allentown, Electric Cablevision Services, A American Satellite Television, and Showtime TV.

What cable allows access to high speed internet services through the cable television network?


What channel is spike TV on regular TV?

Spike TV is only on Cable TV , Satellite Television or other pay television services.

What are the advantages of satellite television compared to regular cable?

The only advantage that satellite internet has over cable, is that in certain locations where cable is unavailable, usually satellite will provide television services.

What allows access to high-speed Internet services through the cable television network?

cable modem

A cable allows access to high-speed Internet services through the cable television network?


What is similar between cable and satellite tv?

Cable and Satellite TV are both pay television services. They both have programming packages that you can choose from depending on your budget and which channels you prefer to watch.

Can cable TV add services and bill you without your permission?

They r not suppose to.

What are the best companies that offer cable television services?

The best would definitely depend on preference. There are a few main cable service, these include Charter, Comcast, Time Warner. Verizon also offers TV services.

What companies offer cable TV services in the UK?

Virgin is providing cable TV services in the UK and has several different packages to choose from. Another provider that has different packages available is Sky TV. Either of these should be able to provide good service.

What can you do with a roll over cable?

You can watch your cable services that you get on your computer with this type of cord. You can watch it on a television and a computer at the same time.

What does Cable modem share cabling with?

All the services that your cable company provides. Likely Television, Internet and Home Phone.

Is charter a broadband Internet service?

Charter provides both cable television and cable internet. Their cable internet IS broadband internet.

Which companies offer cable TV and broadband packages?

There are many companies that offer cable television and broadband packages. Companies such as Optimum and Verizon offer these services to their consumers.

What is the main cable television providers in Seattle Washington?

Comcast Digital Cable is one of the main providers of cable television to Seattle, WA. Another provider is Broadstripe Cable, which is also known for providing high quality cable services to the Seattle area.

Cable Television Provider?

form_title=Find a Cable Television Provider form_header=Purchase a subscription to a cable service provider to receive news, sports, entertainment and more! How many hours a day do you watch cable television?=_ Are you interested in a bundle with internet and/or telephone services?= () Yes () No How many televisions do you own?=_ Are you interested in digital cable?= () Yes () No

Securing Cheap Cable TV?

Cable programming is a fixture in many American homes. Securing cheap cable TV saves money. The ideal way to cut cable television costs is to bundle services. Many cable providers have added to their menu of services. In most cases this includes home phone and Internet services. Purchasing all three services from the same company saves money in all three areas. Bundling normally involves a contract, making shopping around near the contract's end highly beneficial.

Bundle Cable and Internet Services?

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