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Google offers lots of services. Here are some:

  • Web Browser (Google)
  • Search of Scholarly articles (Google Scholar)
  • Image search (Tab on the Google browser)
  • Phone services (Google Voice)
  • Document and storage services (Google Drive)
  • Email (Gmail)
  • Social sharing (G+)
  • Web Hosting (Google Sites)
  • Calendar (Google Calendar)
  • Contacts
  • Maps (Google Maps)
  • News
  • Ads (Adwords)
  • Translation (Google Translate)
  • Video (They own YouTube)
  • Blogs (They own Blogger)

And many more, current and past (rest in peace Google Wave).

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What types of services does Google offer to Android developers?

Google offers a wide variety of services to the developers of the Android. Among the many offered services are Google Maps, Google+, Google Analytics, and Google AdMob Ads.

Why does Google offer free services?

Its to show the brand google... Google wants you to use their services and if they are free more people will use them. Its for adverting and to show the brand name "Google".

What services does Google offer in Persian?

Google offers the same services in Persian as it does in English. Things like Gmail, Translate, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Docs, Youtube are all available in Persian.

What are some advantages of using Google web services?

Google web services offer a multitude of services, including Google Maps, Gmail and web searches. All are compatible with all browsers currently operational, and are free, simple services that can be used by all.

What products or services does Google offer?

Google offers many products and services. As well as being an important part of the internet, Google has expanded and now also makes mobile phones and apps.

What services does a Google mail account primarily offer?

Google mail, usually called Gmail, offer's email services to people. One can send and receive email with a Gmail account and also link it to a YouTube account and other Google services such as Google Drive.

What services does Google Webmasters provide?

Google Webmaster tools offer services like: search queries, website health and traffic, optimisation. They also offer users services that allow them to grow and their websites either by placing advertisements strategically or making their websites searchable.

What kind of services does Google Espana offer to Spanish people?

Google Espana offers the same services that Google offers globally except the language used is Spanish. The services offered include maps, play, images, news, Gmail, calendar, drive services among many other.

What services are offered by the Google Business Directory?

The Google Business Directory, also known as Google Places, is a list of businesses along with the services they offer. Google Places offers one the service of listing one's business in the directory for promotional purposes.

What money related services does Google offer?

In terms of money related services Google offers a payment processing service called Google Wallet. It allows users to pay for online purchases through a credit or credit card.

What does the Google website offer?

The Google website offers many services, but is most known for having the most popular web engine on the planet. Their other services include email, maps, and social networking.

What services are provided by Google Adwords in the UK?

There are a few services provided by Google Adwords. They offer payment for people visiting a site and they also give solid customer service and strategies to earn more money.

What are the names of some iPhone apps that offer phone location services?

iPhone applications that offer phone location services ate MapQuest, Google Maps, LOCiMe, Ditto, Flowd, My Star, and View. There are many other types of these applications that can be downloaded for use from iTunes or from Google Play.

What kind of SEO services does Google offer?

They offer optimization of your website and results in their engine for money. Doing this is promised to help your online sales and services. It is said to help boost your website up a few pages in the results.

What types of services does Google AdSense offer?

Google AdSense is a service for individuals and businesses who wish to advertise their products and services. Therefore, AdSense offers customer service and support, advertising tools, and other information for those who wish to advertise.

What internet companies allow one to translate Latin to English?

There are many online translation services available including BabelFish, Bing Translator and Google translate. Of these three services BabelFish and Google Translate both offer translation to and from Latin

What services does Google Adwords Management Service offer?

Adwords Management Services is a popular business tool provided by the famous internet company. Some of the services offered by Adwords Management Services are marketing and advertising, consultations, and creation of advertisements.

Which services are available from Google on Google Brasil?

Google Basil offers most of the same services as other Google subsidiaries. This included a search function for keywords and shopping, as well as other services like Google Drive.

What services does Verizon wireless offer?

Verizon Wireless offer a variety of services. They offer the purchase of mobile phones such as the LG Spectrum. They also offer tablets, and home entertainment services like internet access and TV services.

Does Google offer download phone applications?

Google has a number of apps for it's Android mobile platform. It also has an app for the iPhone (iOS) that consolidates most of services under one icon.

What will happen if there was no Google?

if you search google in google, it will show you a bunch or results about the pages of google and its services and for sure the first thing will come up is the google.com followed by google maps, google plus, google reader and other google services.

What services do Hana Hotels offer?

Hana Hotels offer accommodation services, spa services, restaurant services, bistro services, cafe services, medical services and business services. Hana Hotels are highly regarded by tourists.

What services does Jonas Music offer?

Jonas Music Services are marketing expects and offer a variety of services. They offer help with writing music, consulting, video editing services. They also offer print services to help one make press kits, business cards and CD designs.

Does Groupo Exterminador offer termite services?

No Groupo Exterminador does not offer termite services. Groupo Exterminator doesn't offer any services of ecterminating pest. They are a musical group.

What services does Telekom Austria offer?

There are several services the Telekom Austria offer. However, the main service which Teklekom Austria offer is mobile broadband services besides others.

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