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win the lottery marry a citizen apply for a visa

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Is ciprian virgil gilea be deported. We need help.?

No he should not be deported due to the fact that he spent over 10 months in jail without any charges.... and on top of it his previouse attornies took advantage of him and his entire family!!!

Can a Canadian citizen be deported from Canada?

In a word No. If born here absolutely not. However, should one lie on their application for Citizenship, and a Judge determines that they did, then the application is fraudulent . Thus any Citizenship from that application is null and void and does not exist, ergo you can be deported. (But you are not a Citizen at this point)

What can you do after you get deported?

you should just take it easy!

Who pays for airline tickets for people getting deported?

The individual should pay all the costs. Sometimes, some countries, assist their citizens in foreign countries if they get deported. However, they must pay back all the money to their own country as soon as they repatriate.

Should Justin Bieber be deported?

Yes, but to which country?

Can a mother obtain Legal custody of her child if the father has been deported?

Yes. She should visit the local family court and file a petition for sole legal custody.

Should all Chinese criminals be deported back to china if they do something wrong?

Convicted criminals should be punished as much as we want HERE, then deported. One should not escape prison becasue he's an alien.

A naturalized citizen can be deported?

Technically NO,but should a country choose to start de-naturalization proceedings they would then not be citizens of said country & can be deported.

Should people with a family history of melanoma should use a tanning bed?

no!!! it is very risky, and you may have a highchance of getting cancer if you have a family history.

If caught within Canada as an illegal immigrant what procedures might be taken?

A person who is in Canada illegally is liable to be deported. There are also lesser measures that can be taken. If someone is in Canada illegally, they would be wise to consult a lawyer who specializes in Immigration Law for advice. (So-called 'immigration consultants' should generally be avoided.)

How should girls pleasure themselves?

By getting married and taking care of their Family

Can i visit Canada after i was deported from US 17 years ago?

Were you actually deported or just refused entry at the border? Canada doesn't allow any visitor with a criminal record (no matter how minor or how long ago) into the country unless they've been rehabilitated. If you were formally deported from the US, it likely means you have a criminal record - either an immigration law violation (such as breaching or overstaying your visa) or you committed some other crime and were removed after conviction. You will need to apply to the Canada Border Services Agency for rehabilitation or see if you meet the criteria for "deemed rehabilitation" which is adjudicated at the border and requires no advance application. If you were simply refused/ denied entry at the border and left the country voluntarily then you should be okay to enter Canada.

How does a legal Immigrant get deported?

A legal immigrant can and should be deported if he/she does something against the law of their host country. It isunconscionable to live in a country then commit a crime, no country should have to deal with that, or having to foot the bill in a prison for that individual.

Can you get a fiancee visa to UK if you are illegal immigrant in the US?

No,Plus that illegal should be charged then deported..Banned for life in the usa..All illegal immigrants need to be found and then deported..

Should ALL illegal aliens be deported?

Yes! They should have gotten legal documents before leaving their countries!

Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported?

Yes, illegal immigrants should be deported because they didn't have respect for the country they illegally entered. It is also an affront to any person who took the time and effort to enter legally. Send them back. They should at least have the respect to immigrate the right way. The illegal immigrants are breaking the "law". They shouldn't be here. Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes and our citizens have difficulties in getting jobs because of the illegal immigrants. It doesn't matter how hard illegal immigrants work or how bad they have it in their own country, or how many loved ones would be hurt by their deportaion. They are committing a crime and should be punished and deported.

Can an illegal immigrant with a felony record get a work permit after marrying a citizen?

No you should be deported

Can you marry a Mexican that has been deported 3 times?

you should have probably married him earlier so he wouldn't get deported in the first place.. however, you can but you need to fill out a form so contact the appropriate court house and they should be able to help you

Should legal permanent residents be deported?

(in the US) Not unless they have violated the conditions of their stay in this country.

Should all three time convicted criminals be deported?

When one lives in any country they must abide by the laws of that country and sign a document stating this fact. If the person is a convicted criminal for the first time they should be deported immediately back to their own country.

How does the mortgage company know when someone dies?

It should be notified by the family.It should be notified by the family.It should be notified by the family.It should be notified by the family.

How do you get an ex spouse who is an illegal immigrant and doesn't pay child support deported?

Individuals do not decide whether or not a non citizen qualifies to be deported. Such concerns should be addressed to the Immigration Customs Enforcement agency. (ICE).

What was the end result of deportation?

If you are asking about a specific deportation, you should tell us who was deported, as well as when they were deported and where they were sent. Otherwise, the general consequence of deportation is that an immigrant is expelled from the country to which he or she immigrated, and is returned to the country from which he or she came. There will be other consequences, since the person who was deported may have had some very serious reason for needing to leave the country to which he or she was then returned. Sometimes deported people wind up being imprisoned or executed.

Should the bride and groom pay for the family hotel rooms?

Yes they should! Beacuse they are getting married and the family.No. The bride and groom are not required or expected to pay for accommodations or meals or any personal expenses of their guests. Not at all. Getting invited to a wedding is an honor- all family and friends don't make the cut. You don't need to beg people to come.

What do you do if 2 guys like you who are from the same family?

Depending if what they are to you. Intermediate family? You should take this seriously. I would talk to them yourself about how this is unhealthy and consiter getting each of them a councillor.