What should I look for when a 1988 Camry's brake lights dont work?

If the brake light indicator is on in the dash and none of the brake light light but, then check 1st the bulbs, 2nd the Check Fuses at drivers right foot, if the fuse is good as was my case now you have to think.

Oh 3rd, "Toyota Light Failure Switch" located in the trunk under the antenna (mine is yellow) should be a box about the size of a tape-measure. Re-move it, by de-pressing top 'button' and sliding toward outside of trunk/car (can be a pain!)

See page 16 in:


This shows there the "Light Fail Sensor" is located.

If this switch is our trouble you can make the BREAK LIGHTS work by shorting the green-white and the green-red wires together. ( I used a paper clip jammed into the connector.)

The indicator light will still be on but the break lights will work!!!

This switch should have been RECALLED the safety device they built keep your break lights on, fails and takes out ALL the brake lights!! But other then that the Camry is great!

Oh, #4 if the brake lights don't work but the indicator is on check the switch on the brake petal.

#5 Well if anyone can think of a #5 to check please add it.