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Maybe it's time to just be friends with both and find someone else as a girlfriend, or else you should make a choice.

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Q: What should a guy do if he likes two girls at the same time and they happen to be best friends?
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Do Justin Bieber like black girls or white?

As a girlfriend, Justin only wants to date girls of his race. He will be friends with any race. He likes all girls but he is dating a black girl so I should think he likes black girls.

How do you tell if a middle school girl likes you?

Rumors! if one of your friends is friends with this girl or her friends, they will find out if she likes you! girls are rubbish at secret keeping.

Does mattyb like some girls as friends?

Well most guys like girls as friends and since MattyB is really young he probably likes a lot of girls as friends.

What activities does romeo do?

He likes to hang out with his friends and chase after girls.

Best friends guy and girl one of the likes the other?

You should tel them how you feel because you never know what can happen.

How do you tell if a girl likes you when shes shy?

Ask on of her close friends or have one your friends do it . the worse that could happen would her saying no but you never know she might be totally into you....... Trust me i am a girl ...girls also like knowing that someone else likes them...good luck.....

You like a boy and you are friends but he likes a few other girls?

playa playaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

If a boy hangs around with other girls does that mean he still likes you?

I believe that boys can have girls as friends, but it is always nice to make sure they are JUST FRIENDS.

What does it mean when a guy holds your hand and treats you different from his girl friends?

It prob means he likes you and that you two should be together.... her thinks your special and he obviously likes you better than any other girls

I know a guy and he likes boys and girls my friends think he is a creep but i think you can help how do you do that?

If they were your real friends they would respect that. Talk to them about it. Say the positives about him. My friend is bi-sexual (girl) and she used to have a crush on me (I'm straight). She grew out of it now. I used to think I was bisexual, and I'm still curious about it. Sometimes people think they are, but they just can't get their feelings straight. But anyway, your friends should respect who you like. Who cares if he likes boys/girls, there's not really a difference since he still likes girls too.

How do you know when a girl likes you a lot?

Hi, I am a boy with quite a lot of dating experience and normally, if you are really in love with her and you are flirty and complimentary etc, she will be into you and will tell all her friends! Girls never like boys who her friends don't approve of so, you should try to be friends with her friends and then tell them that you really like the girl, they will definitely tell her so you will be in with more of a chance! Once you have told her friends you can ask them I she likes you, if you are really close to her friends then they should tell you!! Girls are obsessed with relationships and the opposite sex just as much as us lads! Good luck mate.

What do Justin Bieber like?

he likes music, dogs, beautiful girls, his friends, his family...

How many girls are there in the us?

I think you should be yourself , but nicer a boy likes a nices girls ,but if the boy likes you.You should find out why he likes about you, so you do not change it. Boys have to like you for a good reason, if not he just likes you for your money ,or for the gifts you give him.

What to do if your boyfriend likes your best friend and your best friends boyfriend likes you?

You should break up with your boyfriend and get your best friends instead

Would a girls friends tell you if she likes you or not?

Some girls will tell a guy that they like them while others may be shy and will not tell them.

What does it mean when a girl tells you if you like a girl you should tell her?

girls want to know who likes or is crushing on them girls want to know who likes or is crushing on them

What should you do when a boy likes you but you dont know who he is?

Ask your friends who he is.

What should you do if you like a girl but her best friend likes you?

well you can tell her you are not interested. ( don't say we should just be friends cause that gives her hope.) my question is are you interested in both? just remember if you date one of them the chances of you dating the friend are small because most girls have a rule not to date your best friends ex. that's how it went with me and my friends and most of the girls i knew.

What do you do if you like a boy that claimes he likes you AND your best friend?

well most girls like me want there boyfriend to like there friends as friends maybe that is what he meant he is a very smart boy my boyfriend likes most of my friends but he is not cheating on you maybe

I'm 15 and What should you do if your are pretty sure that a girl likes you or at least is interested in you but you don't know if you like her back and I'm normally really shy around girls?

You should start hanging out with the girl. That might help you find out if she likes you or not. Or you could talk to some of her friends, and talk to some of your friends about it too. They might be able to help you too. You should start hanging out with the girl. That might help you find out if she likes you or not. Or you could talk to some of her friends, and talk to some of your friends about it too. They might be able to help you too.

What should you do if your friends hate your crush but you think he likes you?

You have to decide what is more important. The crush or the friends.

Is it good to date with girls?

It is always very good to date with girls who you like as good friends and make sure that the girl likes and cares for you to.

What should you do if you are a 14-year-old boy who likes girls but also likes wearing lingerie?

Don't tell the girls. Get some counseling

What do I do if i like 2 girls and I know 1 likes me back but she's moving away and I'm not sure the other likes me back?

assk her or her friends

What should you do if you want to know if a guy likes you or not?

Start talking to him when his friends are NOT around, hels if you don't have your friends with you also, it should soon become clear after talking a few times weather he likes you or not.