What should a religious man do if he is attracted to a boy?

It doesn't matter if you are religious or not. If you are an adult, you have no right to act upon any feeling that may harm a child. It may be immoral, but it is also illegal. Think about how your actions may affect the child. Permanent scaring and trama are inevitable. The welfare of the child is far more important than satisfying any feelings you may have. Deal with the feelings. If you don't - then they may lead to action. Seek counseling, and in addition, if you are religious - pray. Remember that it can be kept confidential and as long as you haven't acted upon your feelings - you haven't broken any laws. So don't feel afraid to get help. If you find the feelings coming on - counteract them by the thoughts of how harmful and destructive they could be. These feelings are probably too great for you to handle on your own. YOU NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE AND GET SOME HELP. You need help to control your feelings so that they never, ever, ever, lead to harming a child. It's obvious you are fighting your conscience that you can't have a two way street here. You are either religious and abide by the laws or, you denounce your faith and feel free to do as you like. However, be warned, whether of any religion or just a man, it's wrong to have any relationship with a child. Humans are suppose to be intelligent, wise and be caretakers for the young. You are not thinking along those lines. YOU already know the answer to this question!