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No specified pressure at the "return" fittings at pool side. You do not measure pressure at these points.

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The blood pressure is usually high when blood leaves the small arteries and enters the capillaries.

When water enters the plant cell it increases because water is coming in, and when water leaves the plant cell it decreases because water is leaving

The nuclear membrane controls what enters and leaves the nucleus.

Customs is the name of the department that determines what enters and leaves the country

It's the cell membrane that controls when enters and leaves a cell.

carbon dioxide enters the plant through it's leaves. glad to help :)

The Cell surface membrane controls what enters and leaves the cell

By getting a pool worker to clean it. Also by covering it checking the filter filling it up and removing any leaves and things. I reccomend PoolWerx. Australian Number: 1800 009 000

it is the cellmembrain

CO2 enters leaves via stomata, and water enters via roots and is carried to leaves through veins!

I think it is not advisable to leave the swimming pool empty during winter times. Snows and falling branches of trees and leaves can harm your swimming pool. There are some pool covers that you can use and designed for winters like Pool Leaf Covers and Winter Covers.

oxygen enters and glucose is released... follow on instagram @nailsbyisis

The wavelength bends forward as it leaves the air and enters the Perspex. The frequency of the wavelength will also increase.

The cell membrane and the receptor proteins control what enters and leaves the cell, it is no specific one organelle

Ejaculation, just like when sperm leaves the penis and enters the vaginathe water leaves the soil and enters the plant, pua leaves you gaging for it oioiii

The cell membrane enables a cell to control what enters and leaves. The membrane has a selective semi-permeable membrane which facilitate this process.

The nucleus does control the cell, and controls the DNA. However, the CELL MEMBRANE is responsible for what enters and leaves the cell. NOT the nucleus.

CO2 enters and O2 exits the leaf through the stoma .

The Bernoulli Principle which in a nutshell states says faster moving fluids have less pressure so as blood enters the arterie it speeds up reducing its pressure and when it leaves to a bigger blood vessel it slows down again and its presure increases. Also the arterie itself can expand slightly to accomodate higher pressures.

The structure that surrounds the DNA and controls what enters and leaves the nucleus is the nuclear membrane. It is also called the nuclear envelope.

No one. When scrooge leaves at 7 pm each day , it is Bob who closes the business. In the original story no one enters the counting house after that

Phospholipids regulate what enters and leaves the cell.

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