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By taking delivery of this vehicle you are agreeing to the terms of the contract. If you could not meet the down payment requirement then you should have never taken delivery. You can try talking to them to work out a payment plan of some sort.

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Do you have to sign a new contract when financing a vehicle to make the payment higher?

Whenever terms on a contract are changed, a new contract should be signed.

What questions should I have in a land contract?

A land contract should outline when payment is due, what the terms are, and who takes care of maintenance. It should also outline who pays for utilities and taxes.

If a lawsuit is settled how long does the defendant have to make his payment?

A lawsuit depends upon the agreement, contract terms . When a legal infringement happens or a breach of contract occurs, the payment is subjected to value or loss incurred that led to the lawsuit. The tenure depends upon payment decided or clause of losses agreed in the contract.Added: In plain English: That matter should have been addressed in the settlement, a copy of which you, or your attorney, should have. If it was a date certain set by the court, and the payment is not forthcoming, the other party will be in contempt of court.

How do you write a contract for a received payment?

There is no need to write a contract, you only need to write a receipt. You should include the date, the amount you received, (his or her name), (your name). Your signature. His or her signature

What circumstances other than overdue payment permit a creditor to repossess collateral?

The answer to this question depends on your contract terms. Usually, a contract will spell out what constitutes a default. The contract should also say that if you default, they can repossess the collateral.

If a dealership makes a mistake on a contract is it valid?

In dealings such as these, consult an attorney in your local area. A contract, even one with errors, is legally binding upon the signing parties. Hopefully the error is in your favour. Note that if you didn't have an attorney look over the contract, it could be completely different from what the dealership said. (A verbal contract is generally only worth the paper it's printed on.) I am not a lawyer. You should consult a local lawyer. It's always a good idea to have your own attorney look over any contract before you sign it.

How late does your payment have to be before your car can be repossessed in Florida?

Its NOT a matter of HOW late, just that you ARE late. Read your contract. That should explain when you are in DEFAULT.

What should be included in a rental agreement?

The basics in a rental agreement should be the term of the agreement, the start and end date, the rental price, and the ways that the parties can end the contract. Any default, such as non-payment, should have the consequences included, such as in the event of non-payment, the landlord can evict.

What is the hiring process for a accounts payable clerk?

Should know how to analyze the transactions before giving payouts to the vendors. Reviewing if its valid for payment or not and ensuring the service is done by the vendor itself through coordination with other departments. Lastly, ensuring that all documents are in accordance with their contract.

After only 35 days of signing a car lease i early terminated the lease and turned the car in.Do I still have to pay the dealership the down payment?

This should be outlined in your contract - the chances are that you do as generally the downpayments is non-refundable anyway, unless you're within a 'cooling off' period (7-14 days in the UK usually).

How to Write an Effective Business Contract?

In the business world almost all agreements need to be formalized through some form of legal document. For services to be rendered or products to be sold, this legal document is typically a business contract between the recipient of the product or service and the provider. To ensure that the contract is valid, and that your rights are properly protected, there are several aspects of a business contract which need to be analyzed and included in each contract. The first important aspect of a business contract is to clearly identify the product or service which is being provided. The contract should spell out not only what is being provided, but when as well. Adding as much detail as possible to the contract is important because any detailed which is not met could be considered an event of default. The contract should also spell out how much money will be charged for the service and any additional services which could be purchased at a later date. The contract should also specify when the payment should be made. Another important aspect of a business contract is to clearly stipulate when the contract will end. All contracts should have a termination date, which is stated as either an exact date or an anniversary of the commencement. The contract should also state whether the contract can be terminated by either party during the term of the contract. If necessary, the contract should also state any remedies that will need to be paid in case the contract is terminated early. The third important aspect of a business contract is to identify remedies which could occur if the obligations of the contract are not met. For example, if the contract is to have a service completed, the remedy section should address what will occur if the service is not completed on time or completed well enough. The contract should also address what will occur if payment is not received on time. This could include late fees or interest on the payment. It is important that the contract contain remedies of default for each party. Otherwise, the parties would not have any legal motivation to complete their end of the agreement.

How much of an over payment of a final payment can lenders keep?

Normally if there has been an overpayment relating to a loan or contract, the entire amount overpaid should be returned to the person. The lender has no rite to any money above that contracted.

What happened if the owner die after signing contract of sale?

If an owner dies after signing the contract of sale, you should be able to produce a receipt where you fulfilled your obligation of payment. Once this occurs the estate must turn over the item to you.

Can you be sent to collections if you make a payment every month?

You should not be sent to collections if you are making monthly payments. Some companies have their own "polocies" on how much your payment needs to be in order to keep from collections but the law says that you can pay what ever you want as long as you don't sign a payment contract.

Can your loan company use your payment for something else you owe?

If you have a contract in effect and are making payments via a coupon book or are somehow directing your payment ot one specific account, no, they should not be able to divert it to another purpose.

How do you write a letter for payment made?

When writing a letter for payment, the date and amount of payment should be included in the letter. The purpose of the payment should also be included in a payment letter.

What do you do when the dealership will only give you the key to the door and not the ignition when you are trying to retrieve the car for non payment?

I imagine this is a BHPH lot. If you gave them the key at the time of repo then you should be getting that key back

How can a car dealership add a 3 day notice rider to your contract and doesn't notify you until after the 3 days?

It is very difficult to answer these questions, you are not providing any of the specifics of your particular contract (nor should you you do so online!). I would recommend getting legal advise/actually showing your contract to someone who knows what the hell they are doing.

You got an offer on your house complete with a down payment but the deal fell through do you have to give back the down payment?

You need to read the sales contract you signed in order to determine what you agreed to in your situation. You should call your real estate agent.

Do you cancel direct debit yourself or will sky do it?

Once you have the end of contract date from Sky, they should tell you the last retrievable payment date, its advisable to speak to your bank and place a stop on it as there are occasions when things go wrong and a payment is taken.

If a vehicle has a previous lien against it and you purchase it from a dealer do you have anything to worry about with the lien?

The lien is still valid, even though you purchased the vehicle through a dealership. The lienholder's name should be on the vehicle title, though. If you were not notified of the lien before buying the vehicle, see the dealership and ask for "rescission of contract"--this means the dealership will take back the vehicle and refund your money. If the dealership is unwilling or unable to do so, contact you state's attorney general.

If a person does work under a contract but the work is partially done say about 75 but without the 25 of work which is incomplete the 75 is of no use should the person be compensated quantum meruit?

I am not a legal expert but I would expect that the contract would make this clear. If the contract employs the person by the hour/day then the number of hours/days worked would need to be payed. If the contract specifies payment on completion then no payment would be made until the final 25% of the agreed specification was delivered. You need to take the contract to an attorney/lawyer to get a proper answer on this because it is the CONTRACT that matters. look at the link I will place blow

Is my former manager allowed to refuse giving me a copy of the contract?

If you aren't working for them anymore they don't have to give you a copy. You should all ready have a copy.

Can you return a new vehicle if you have not made a payment and feel that the dealer has represent itself falsely?

NO. Once you sign that contract that car is yours. This is the reason why when you go to a dealership, look at the car, inspect the car in and out, test drive the car, see how it feels, how it handles, etc. Before you sign your name on the contract, MAKE SURE IT IS WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN IT LATER. Besides, feeling and proving are two different things. Also, this is what contracts are for. It discloses EVERYTHING in writing. This is why you should completely look over a contract and completely look over a car before buying it.

Understanding the Elements and Importance of a Consulting Contract?

A consultant is an individual who provides businesses and professionals with useful services or advice. Consultants can be either internal or external agents. An internal consultant is an employee of a particular company who consults with other employees or departments. External consultants are independent agents who provide temporary services to independent professionals and businesses.A consulting contract is a legally binding contract between a consultant and a client. These contracts outline a consultant's services, required payment, and other important information. Consulting contracts are used to make sure the consultant receives adequate payment and the client receives the agreed upon services.What Must Be Included in a Consulting ContractTo create a thorough consulting contract, it is important to include several different elements. One of the first things a contract should contain is a description of the provided services, when the services will be provided, and how these services will be performed. The agreement should clearly state what requirements will be met before the service is considered complete. If applicable, the contract should also explain who will be responsible for future issues and how these problems will be handled.The next element that should be discussed is payment. A consulting contract must explain the consultant's fees and when he or she expects to be paid. If a consultant's fees depend on the outcome of his or her services, the terms regarding earnings should be detailed and straightforward. Consulting contracts should also outline who covers certain expenses, like travel expenses; how the consultant will receive payment; and any restrictions regarding payment. Failure to explain these terms in detail can lead to future disagreement.Consulting contracts must also discuss how and on what grounds the agreement can be terminated. If both parties agree to the contract, it must be signed by both the contractor and the client. Once the contract is signed, the agreement must be upheld.When a Consulting Contract Is NecessaryExternal consultants should always provide clients with detailed contracts. If a written contract is not set in place, it will be difficult for a consultant to recover payment should a client refuse to pay. Internal consultants might also choose to provide fellow employees with consulting contracts. While the contract will not usually need to explain payment, it can explain the consultant's services and responsibilities, as well as those of the other employee or department. This will clarify what both parties can expect to gain from a particular service and avoid future confusion.