What should i do the one cooling fan is stays on right when you connect the battery and does not shut off i checked the relays and fuses and replaced the temperature sensor 95 firebird 5.7L?

It sounds like you have a short in your electrical system. Use a test light and check for power at the fan connector when you attach the battery cable. if the fan was running before, you should have power. Disconnect or remove the relays and fuses one at a time until the power goes out. The fues or relay you remove that kills the power is the one with the problem. Start checking the connections for a wire burned and melted into another. It must be getting power from a battery wire somewhere. Be sure to check for melted connections at the fuse or relay connectors. If you can't get it to power down at all, start running the wiring from the fan motor until you find the problem. You will probably have to separate the harness to do this. There are also two temp sensors on the car. One is for the gauge and one is for the fan. Make sure you replaced the right one. The fan will also run when the ac is on as well as the defrost. make sure they are turned off.