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You need to look hard at what your family goals are at this point in time. If you are trying to save money and get out of debt, then it probably isn't a good idea to go. On the other hand how important an affair is this to your husband? If it is something that will really cause trouble then go. You could make him work on a budget now in order to save up money for the trip.

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Wedding Financing?

Wedding Financing is important to ensure that you can have the wedding of your dreams. Plan your wedding date and start saving in advance so that you can afford everything.

Why does myrtle cry on her wedding day in The Great Gatsby?

Because a man comes to visit her husband George. The man asks for his suit back and George gives him the suit he wore during their wedding. She starts to cry because she realizes that her husband is not rich and powerful (because he couldn't afford a suit for his own wedding and had to borrow one). She dreams of a lavish lifestlye and she cries because her new husband cannot make it a reality.

How many flowers do you need for your wedding?

You do not need any flowers for your wedding. You have what you want ,or more importantly, can afford.

Daughter is getting married and she has spent most of her life living with her mother and stepfather so what should the biological father pay for when he has limited funds?

The wedding would initially be paid by the ex husband's wife and her new husband. However, because the biological father cannot afford much towards the wedding he can get in contact with his ex wife and decide what he could do to help without blowing the few funds he does have or simply give a gift he can afford to his daughter and her new husband.

How much money should you give as a wedding present to your daughter and new husband?

It is up to the parents to decide what they can financially afford to give their daughter and new husband as a wedding gift. Some parents will give a fair amount of money to help the couple buy a home; furniture or perhaps pay for the honeymoon or simply put invest the money for the future.

How much income does a wedding planner earn?

as much as her clients can afford

What is a customary monetary gift for wedding?

Whatever amount you can afford to give.

Can men buy wedding dresses?

Of course. Anyone who can afford it can buy a wedding dress.Yes..... as long as that's what you want.

What is an appropriate dollar amount to give a sibling for a wedding gift?

If you prefer to give money rather than a wedding gift then only give your sibling on her wedding day money that you can afford and do not put yourself in debt. Your sibling should be happy with any amount you can afford.

How much to give as a wedding present in england?

Whatever you can afford to give, it is up to you.

If the bride's parents pay for the wedding should they give a gift too?

Yes, the bride's parents generally will give a gift to their daughter and her new husband either privately or at the wedding. Because weddings can be so expensive the gift will certainly come from the heart, but in some cases the parents can only give what they can afford.

Is it compulsory for a husband to take his wife for haj?

No. He may if he wishes and can afford.

How much money should you give your Godchild for their wedding?

Only give as money as you can afford for your Godchild's wedding. It is the bride and groom's parents that may give them the most money. If you can afford it then $100 or more dollars should be enough if you can manage that.

How much can parents pay for child's wedding?

As much / as little as they are willing and able to afford.

Can we have two weddings?

You can have one civil wedding and one church wedding . This is not to garner more gifts, but for practical purposes, you may have to marry legally before you can afford or plan a church wedding and reception.

Can a woman sense who the person her husband is sleeping with if she someone that she knows?

Yes, it is sometimes possible to have a feeling as to who your husband is sleeping with, but dangerous to guess and more important to prove. To prove it you could take a friend with you and follow your husband; hire a detective if you can afford it and make sure your women's sense of intuition is really true.

How much to give a neighbor's son as a wedding gift?

Only give as much as you can financially afford for your neighbor's sons' wedding; $30 to $50 is quite acceptable.

What do you tip a Catholic priest for a wedding?

whatever you can afford. No priest should demand a certain fee.

What do I give my parents for their 30th wedding anniversary?

The 30th is The Pearl Anniversay. If you can afford it, pearls are the traditional answer.

What if you can't afford a wedding?

Many people do their weddings themselves, so they only have to pay for an officiant.

What happens when my husband can't afford to pay for my divorce attorney?

Pay For it yourself you cow

How much money does a best man give at a wedding?

* A Best Man at a wedding doesn't have to give any money. If you are talking about a gift then anything you can afford should be appreciated.

What is the purpose of a wedding ceremony?

To show to all of your friends and family how much money you can afford to throw out the window.

What is the proper amount of money to give as a wedding gift?

There is no proper amount it depends on what you can afford and how close you are to the couple.

What is the appropriate amount to give as a granddaughter's wedding gift?

The granddaughter should appreciate any amount the grandmother can afford. It is best not to over spend to impress the granddaughter and only give what you can afford. Anywhere from $50; $100 or more if you can financially afford it.