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You should either deal with it or check eBay/Toyota for a replacement. They are available from the dealer.

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Q: What should you do about a missing bolt for the hard top panel for a 1988 supra?
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Right here:

Where is the fuse panel located under the hood in a 1988 Chevrolet Corsica?

As far as I know, there is no fuse panel under the hood of 1988 Corsica. The fuse panel on my 1988 corsica is on the side panel of the dash board at the driver's side. There should be a cover that you can easily remove to expose the fuses.

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you gotta take the panel off the inside of the hatch and take the screws out. but first take the screws out of the actual light on the spoiler first. i think there hex-heads. Nick Moore

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buy a new turbo and replace it

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These seat covers can be found on e-bay from

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There burnt out or something is not connected right

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Should be able to access after removing interior door panel

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Check the door panel name plate. Gross weight should be listed on it.

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Where is the radio fuse located in a 1988 Toyota 4x4 4-cylinder?

On the left kick panel you should find a white plastic cover. In it should be your fuse box for your stereo.

What are the symptoms of a bad ECU for a 1988 turbo Supra 7MGTE?

When you turn the ignition on the CHECK ENGINE light will not light up at all.