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What should you do after drinking too much caffeine?

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Drink lots of water to flush it out of your body.

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Can drinking too much caffeine cause an overactive Bladder?

Drinking too much caffeine can cause an overactive Bladder. If you find it difficult to sleep through the night without having to get up and urinate, than you should consider cutting down on caffeine as well as alcohol, especially before going to bed.

How does caffeine cause headaches?

Caffeine tricks your brain into thinking that you're not tired when in fact you are. Drinking too much caffeine isn't good for you for multiple reasons, and you should cut down on how much you drink if you are getting headaches from it.

What effect does caffeine have on someone who has drunk too much alcohol?

The notion that caffeine helps people sober up after drinking too much alcohol is a myth.

What are the effects of drinking too much caffeine?

to much caffeine can cause upset stomach, insomina, headaches, irregular heartbeat, nervousness, and muscles tremors.

What are the health risks , if any, from drinking coffee?

The typical coffee consumer should only be concerned with possible discoloration of teeth and caffeine addiction. Caffeine withdrawal is a negative side effect, and too much caffeine can give you a headache.

Can drinking too much caffeine cause false pregnancy test results?

yes in fact it can

Why do you feel weird after drinking red bull and taking excedrin?

Too much caffeine.........dugh!

Can caffeine cure a hangover?

The notion that caffeine helps people sober up after drinking too much alcohol is a myth. In fact, using caffeine and alcohol together is not a good idea.

Is drinking too much caffeine dangerous?

yess it is it affects your brain and your teeth my get yellow OHHH nooo watch out !

You have had heart palpitations for 6 days?

see your doctor str8 away...could be too much caffeine from drinking excessive amounts of coffee or tea and smoking also...too much alcohol or recovering from a drinking binge

Can drinking too much caffeine make you have a stomach ache?

yes, drinking too much of anything will give you stomach ache! #2: Yes, caffeine prevents stomach muscles from relaxing, the cause of stomach aches. To combat this, eating apples and bananas slowly will improve digestion and your stomach ache.

Is too much coffee bad for you?

Drinking too much caffeine can be bad for you. It would affect your brain, and increases the rate of heart attacks. The good thing is that it decreases your diabetes.

Can caffeine cause you to have muscle spasms?

Too much caffeine or too much booze so it is certainly possible that your high caffeine has caused the spasms.

What are the side effects of drinking Cola?

Drinking too much cola can wear off the enamel on your teeth. Many sodas are also high in caffeine and sugar, which are not good for your health in large quantities.

How much caffeine is in regular coke?

Too much

How much caffeine is there in a medium Dunkaccino?

too much

How much caffeine is too bad?

To much is not good

Is drinking 3 liters of water a day too much?

it should not be, why do you ask?

Who people drink alcohol too much what should recommendation for them?

stop drinking!

Can you die from drinking too much tea?

ANSWER One can die from drinking too much of anything.

Is drinking too much water good for you?

No. Drinking, or eating, too much of anything is not good for you.

What does it mean if a male urinates a lot?

An overactive bladder can cause excessive urination in a male. Usually it is caused by drinking too much caffeine or other diuretics.

What are negative side effects of caffeine?

Caffeine is harm full in one way but also not in another. This is because caffeine can provide energy throughout the day, coffee is one of the main drinks that have caffeine in them. coke also provides caffeine in the body and that is why people get hyperactive when drinking them. If you abuse on caffeine such as coffee and cokepeople can become to energetic causing the body to become energetic and that is not good for the body because we humans don't need so much energy we need the right amount. Think about it as an overload of too much energy just like a computer when too much information is stored in one folder there's too much of it so it needs to get rid of some stuff.Mainly when the body has too much caffeine it will stay awake all day and night depending on how much is in your body, that is why some people say to never drink coffee or coke before going to bed!For healthy adults at low dosages, no. Those who have heart problems, are pregnant, etc. should not take caffeine.

Do drinking coffee makes you harm?

Coffee has caffeine in it, which does things to your body. Get too much of that and it's not good, get a normal dose and it really doesn't seem to matter much either way.

Is tea should be avoided when pregnant?

Yes, any kind of tea has caffeine. Having too much caffeine during pregnancy is not good for the baby. So try and limit your intake of caffeine while pregnant.