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Best is to Leave her alone than

You should tell her,every girl deserves to know tha you like her

I want to know if ppl like me.

I she never knows how will you know if she likes you back or not ?

You need to step up and take control duh!!!:)

i had the same experience but my friend loved me but i didint like her at all. it all depends on the individual. good luck

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โˆ™ 2010-08-14 02:20:40
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Q: What should you do if a girl is a really good friend with you and you love her but she loves your friend?
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What should you do when you love a girl that loves your friend?

This is a hard one but what you should do is just let it go. If you really love make her feel happy. OR you can try and impress her, its your choice.

If a boy loves a girl but he is shy to tell her that he loves her and he want to be her boyfriend what should you do?

Become her best friend, then ask her out.

Met your soul mate but he has a girlfriend and he really loves her What do you do?

get rid of that girl friend or tell him how you feel

You are 18 and you have beautiful girl friend who really loves you and the only thing you need is to stay with her.She came in your life a couple of months ago before her you really decided to end you?

you should get high.

If he have a girl friend and he say that he loves you how do you know?

Well, it really depends. There aren't many details of what you guys do...

If a girl has a boyfriend but she loves her best friend who is her ex boyfriend still?

then she should leave her boyfriend and do something about the love she has for her best friend..

Should you break up with your boyfriend if another girl loves him?

talk to the girl first and see if she really loves him, but if he doesn't feel the same way about her then don't end it.

Should I be worried if my boyfriend says he loves his girl best friend the same as me?

obviously.............u should be worried.............tell ur boyfriend if u love ur best friend who is a girl then who am i.............then she will be ur girlfriend..............

How long should you wait on a girl to be your girl friend?

as long as it takes for you to really know you like her

What does it mean if a girl tells her friend that she loves you?

the girl likes u

What should you do if both you and your friend like the same girl?

If you really love (as a friend) your friend then maybe you should give him a chance with the girl or both of you just leave it behind and continue on with your lives and see what happens.

Should a 15 year old girl be going out with a 21 year old guy?

umm...nnot generally but if she really loves him and he loves her...

How does a boy act when deeply in love with a girl but then dates the girls friend?

If he is in love with the girl but dates her friend then it is probably because he is trying to get closer to the girl. This suggests that he is a user, so probably not the best person to date. If he dates someone who doesn't really know the girl he loves then he probability doesn't really love her.

What should you do if You really like a girl Who is your friend but likes someone else?

Tell them.

What does it mean if a male friend sends you a dozen red roses on Valentine's Day?

it means that he really loves you and he wants to be with you. go and get that man and tell him how thankful you really are, girl.

How can a guy claim to love you when he says he has affection for a friend who he loves spending time with?

It really depends on whether its an old friend and what gender. If it's an old friend and it's a girl you should really suspect something, 'cause maybe he has some feelings that he never expressed. If it's an old friend and it's a guy, then its one of those bromance things.

Who is the best girl friend match for you?

the best girl friend for you is someone whu loves you for you and not for your money or for anything dat you got.

If you love a girl and she loves you but doesn't want to be with you what should you do?

You say that the girl loves you. Ask her why she does not want to be with you. What you should do will depend on her answer to your question.

Should you date a girl that your best friend already slept with?

it depends. If you REALLY like this girl, ask him if he's ok with it---communtication can save a lot of trouble. But if hes not, is this girl really worth losing a best friend over?

What is life triangle?

a life triangle can be considered as ...when a guy loves a girl deadly.....but the girls best friend loves that guy madly ..and inspite that,,,,,,,, the girl whom the guy loves cannot tell the guy that she too loves him just because her best friend loves the guy........if anyone has the solution please give me the answer...i love my girl very much...and she to loves me too but still.................................

Does Declan love anyone?

Declan loves his family update on a girl or girl friend

How do you know a girl really loves you and not for money?

When a girl really loves you she won't rely on you to pay all the bills and won't ask you for money all week.

What should you get for your friend that you like?

well, this all really depends if it's a boy or a girl.

What does it mean when the girl you like is always talking with a friend or in a group when you walk by with a friend?

she loves me :p

You love this boy you told him and he said he loves you back but he has a girl friend what should you do?

You should ask him who he likes best and if he chooses her then he was treating you right in the first place.