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This is a very difficult question. I always sway to being totally honest, but in a case like this if it was a one night stand and you've regretted it and NEVER do it again then it would only hurt your wife and would resolve nothing. In fact, it could well end your marriage. However, if you cheated on her with someone she knows then I'd cough up the truth before she hears it through the grapevine. Before you consider another possible "one night stand" you remember this ... once you have broken the trust bond with your wife you have hurt her deeply and you have cheapened yourself! Get the blinders off and start growing up! Good luck Marcy Unless you want to hurt her emotionally, you should never tell her. If you're feeling guilty, good!. Learn to live with it. You have an obligation to treat her right and to not cause any harm to her. That would include the harm of making her feel betrayed. If it makes you feel any better, maybe you could recognize that you have matured a little and would not do the same thing now. Maybe you can learn to forgive yourself and commit to treating her right. Hopefully, you have grown up a little and can live up to the commitment that you made when you and your wife married. Good luck and don't let YOUR problems become hers.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-04 19:19:44
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Q: What should you do if during 8 years of going out with your current wife you had a one night stand that you never told her about?
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