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If a person is injured and conscious, and they are freaking out, try to calm them down and call 991 if needed. Ask them where they are hurt(don't ask if it's obvious) and try to comfort them while waiting for the paramedics, like reassuring them that they're going to be alright, and such.

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Call 911

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Q: What should you do if someone is injured?
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If someone is injured in a collision you should?

call for medical help

Why crime should be investigated?

Crime needs to be addresed because if someone gets injured in that crime than that person needs to be stoped by someone. That is all.

What is the penalty for injuring someone in soccer?

The fact that someone was injured is not a penalty. There are many times people get injured while playing fairly. Players sometimes get injured as they commit fouls.

What should you do if you have an accident in which someone is injured?

Carefully help anyone who might be hurt and send for skilled help as quickly as possible

If you have an accident in which someone is injured you should?

Carefully help anyone who might be hurt and send for skilled help as quickly as possible

Is there any law to help someone who has been the victim of a Home Invasion and Robbed and injured?

There are many laws against home invasions and being robbed and injured. The first thing that you should do is call the police.

Someone injured or killed in military action?

Someone that has been injured or killed in war is classified as " a casualty"

I slipped on loose tile and re-injured my disability's What should I Do?

see a doctor. if you were at someone house or on someones property, you could sue them.

Can you prosecute someone for injuries during a fight?

If you wish to "report" an assault to law enforcement during which you are injured, yes, you can (and should). Whether someone is "prosecuted" is not up to you, that is the the State's decision.

If airbags are deployed in an accident should paramedics be called?

It's not necessary to call paramedics unless someone is injured. Airbag deployment should not be a measure of when to call ems.

What happens if someone steps on your toe?

You get injured.

Can you sue someone for hitting you with their car when you were walking?

Sure, you can sue someone for just about anything. The question is, should you sue them? Were you injured? Was it an accident or was it malicious? If you feel you need to sue then contact a lawyer.