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What should you do if you are in love with a guy and you know and he likes you but he says he has some problems with himself so he won't go out with you even though he wants to?


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Hopefully you aren't having a sexual relationship with him because if you are then he's using you. A decent guy wouldn't have sexual relations with a girl that he can't be honest with or he doesn't plan on at least dating on a steady basis with possibly some future in store at the end of the road. This is an old line some guys can give a girl when they want to "squeak the sheets" and getting that freebie sex. I'd sit down with him and ask him what his problems are and if he refuses to communicate with you or he does and you don't think you want to get involved with him then move on! You really need to know more about him before you consider dating him on a steady basis; sometimes it could be dangerous for the woman. Be careful, take it slow and communicate (talk in a coffee shop) and don't hang out with this guy alone. Paranoia, I think not. Well, if he doesnt feel comfortable telling you what problems they are so you can choose to wait until he works them out, then respect his wishes and move on. Give it one last try of talking to him to see if he will talk to you, maybe you can help, but dont get sucked in to chaos. You say you are in love with him so apparently you must know him for a while, I can imagine that it would be too difficult to get him to open up to you, but again if he chooses to not discuss with you the problems move on, you cant wait forever and there are many men out there waiting for a deserving woman.. Good luck