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You should not engage in any physical relationship at all. Your good friends and if you do not feel the same way in that respect then he should respect that. Keep you friendship before creating a shipwreck.

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How do you ask someone how someone is?

First ask them to be your friends and you are already friends say I have feelings for you

What do you do when your dating a guy you have mixed feelings about?

If you have mixed feelings about someone, I'd be best to just be friends until you get those feelings straightened. You never wanna be in a relationship you're unsure about. So until you know what you want, I think you two should just stay friends.

You used to go out with your friend and you broke up and became friends he still has feelings for you and you now have strong feelings for him?

question cont- and now you have strong feelings for him, but hes in a long distance relationship with someone whom hes never met, yet cheated on them with you, what do you do?

What do you do if your going out with someone but you like his best friend more and your best friend hates your boyfriend?

First of all it should not ever matter what your friends think - if you like someone that is your business and none of theirs. And secondly, if you are with someone but have feelings for someone else you should not be dating anyone until you take some time to sort out your feelings. You cannot be in a relationship if you harbour feelings for someone else and expect it to work out.

You always want to Kiss whenever you see a girl what should you do?

Get someone to talk to, build a friendship or relationship with someone. If you have a relationship let your feelings out.

If someone gets a heart transplant do their feelings cange with the heart?

The physical heart is not the source of feelings so no, they do not change.

What if i just got out a month long relationship with someone and start dating again but still have feelings for the guy?

you should get back together with the month long relationship and tell the other guy I'm sorry but i have feelings for a different guy

Why do people get in a relationship?

People get into a relationship birthday because they want to have someone by their side at all times and that you could share your feelings and or or emotions

Where can you get tips on relationship counseling?

You ask someone close to you or ask your friends.

What does it mean when someone tells you they have no love feelings for you?

This means that you should not hope for a relationship that includes love and sex with them. They just don't feel that sort of connection with you. It is best to believe them; keep them strictly as friends, if at all.

How do you get someone who doesn't notice you to have strong feelings for you?

Try befriending that person and if that works, you may become best friends. Then that person will have strong feelings for you.

What do you do if you've been friends with someone for a long time want to take the next step?

you should tell them about your feelings and hope he/she will have the same feelings

What does you just want to be friends mean?

It means u dont want a relationship with someone, just to be friends

What does slanted love mean?

It's when someone loves someone who does not have the same feelings for them but they are still in a relationship. Or current state of labeled love.

What if your in lovehave feelings for someone that already has a girlfriend What do you do?

If you have feelings for someone else then first of all your not in love second of all you shouldn't be in a relationship while having feelings for someone else. You must know how you feel is uncomfortalbe and awkward and if you feel this way for someone other than the person your dating you owe it to them to let them go and be single to allow yourself the freedom to do as you choose as well as not hurt or lead them on. Be mature and realistic - your not to be in the relationship you are in.

Can you give off feelings to someone?

You can share feelings with someone but not give off feelings to someone.

What is a Tumblr relationship?

I am guessing a tumblr relationship is maybe on tumblr you meet someone there and you be friends,BFFs, BF and GF

How do you tell someone you love them even if their in a relationship with someone else?

DON'T. You can either wait for them to brake up or to sabotage there relationship. I suggest you wait but both would work. you should move forward in your life leaving behind someone who is in a relationship with someone else.It's useless to express your feelings to someone at this moment,when you know the answer would be a NO.

How do you tell a man about your feelings for him when he is already in a relationship?

You don't - he is in a relationship and it would be wrong to try and come between them - you wouldn't like it if someone was to do that to you. You should move forward and focus your interest elsewhere, someone who is single.

Is it normal to not feel pain?

No, it is not. If someone gets hurt, they feel physical pain. If someone gets their feelings hurt, they feel emotional pain.

Summarize the relationship between attitudes and behavior?

There is a direct relationship between attitudes and behavior. Attitudes are how someone feels about something and behavior is how they act on those feelings.

What if you like someone that likes you friend?

You can't control your feelings. (: Stay out of their relationship, and if it doesn't work out... Go for the gold(:

What does it mean when someone says they love you but cant for 'reasons'?

It means that they do have feelings for you and love you, but there are other factors that are affecting their wanting to have a relationship with you. For an example, someone might love another person, but they have a job that requires them to travel all over the world and they would never be home, with the time it takes to develop and nurture a relationship. So they may decide not to get into that relationship due to that reason. The feelings are still there, but the circumstances dictate what they do about those feelings.

What are you supposed to do if you like someone else when you are in a relationship?

If you are in a relationship and like someone else then it is best for everyone involved that you leave your current relationship until you can sort out your feelings. However, you have to do what is in your best interest and jumping into another relationship from another isn't always what it seems. You must really think about things and find out if you are just "liking" someone else because you may be missing something in your current relationship or that you may genuinely like this other person - then what you may do about it if anything. And remember just because you may like someone else that does not always mean they do or will return those feelings.

What do you do when you go out with someone you like and you like someone else?

You cannot be with either person until you sort your feelings out as you cannot be in a relationship while having feelings for someone else. Yes, as i found out when i was younger, when you like someone else your feelings for them rule over your feelings for the person that you are actually going out with and they can see that so when the bomb finally drops your bf/gf will be hurt much more than if you had dumped them nicely before.

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