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i guess best way to understanding this, put yourself in his position. what if he pushed you away from his life because of your social life? do you want to go back to him? best thing u can do here is move on with your life.. if he really does want you in his life... he will make an effort.. if he is not.. then answer is clear! I don't blame him. Perhaps you have learned something that might be useful in your next relationship.

2009-05-05 05:42:57
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What to do if you do something embrassing when your with your boyfriend?

Just laugh it off. The best thing to do is be comfortablearound your boyfriend. He will realize that it was a mistake and laugh with you. Don't be embarrassed around him.

What to do if you break up with your boyfriend then get back together?

Don't get too awkward. Realize the mistake you or him made and don't do it again.

Why do your ex-boyfriends always want to come back to your life?

Because they finally realize they've made a mistake and realize that they need you in their lives now....

Why do boys break up with you and then ask you back out?

they do it because they realize that they made a big mistake by doing it and they feel bad

What do dreams of your ex boyfriend mean?

probabaly because you still have feelings for him, even if you do not realize them while you are awake.

Why is your boyfriend so insecure?

there are many reasons why and recently iv'e had the same problem but ive come to realize that it is because he is afraid to lose you. he thinks that you might leave him for someone else better than him in general <3

How do you get your ex-boyfriend back if you broke up with him and now realize it was the wrong thing to do and he has a girlfriend now but you really need him back because you love him?

To 'err is human' but unfortunately when you make a mistake you pay the price. Your ex boyfriend now has a girlfriend and it does not matter how badly you want him back he now how has a girlfriend. The only option you have left is to see if he and his new girlfriend break up and if they do then you will have your chance to talk to him and let him know you made a terrible mistake.

What is the past perfect tense of realize?

Past perfect is had + past participle.Because realize is a regular verb the past participle is realized ( plus ed )had realized.I had realized my mistake when the alarm went off.

Can you make a sentence using realize?

She began to realize what happened after her friend's problem.

What is climax of romeo and joliet?

they both die and their families reunite in the end. both of their families realize their mistake and take pledge to not to fight because they have lost their kids

What does a 11 year old girl do when her boyfriend fancies her best friend?

realize he isn't a good boyfriend and dump him

What do you do if you break up with your boyfriend but you realize that you still love him?

You tell him how you feel

My foster carer Tony knows I have crush on him why do he say I was acting like he is my boyfriend?

Because he knows you have a crush on him, and you probably show it more than you realize.

Why do boys fall for girls then break there hearts?

because they are stubborn. they change and realize there is better because they are stubborn. they change and realize there is better because they are stubborn. they change and realize there is better because they are stubborn. they change and realize there is better

How do you solve a problem with your boyfriend being a jerk?

First of all, he has to change by himself but you can help him do that. He needs to realize that he is being a jerk and if he wants to stay with you he has to change. Also, you need to tell him that he is being a jerk and you do not appreciate it, and maybe then he will understand that is he continues being a jerk he will no longer be your boyfriend.

When did Jimi Hendrix realize he had a drug problem?


When did people realize bullying was a problem?

When penises were invented

Why do you feel uncomfortable when you eat in front of your boyfriend?

You may feel uncomfortable because you feel self conscious about yourself and you think that your boyfriend will think you are a pig if you eat in front of him. My advice to you is to realize that if you do not feel comfortable eating in front of your boyfriend, you need to address this problem or risk the full relationship. If you can't eat in front of your boyfriend, chances are you may not be compatible. Love is supposed to feel good, and if you are anxious about this you should talk to your boyfriend about it or just tell yourself that it is OK for you to eat in front of him. If he won't let you eat in front of him, then the chances it will be a serious relationship are slim to none.

How do I get an ex girlfriend back from her bad boyfriend?

Unfortunately if she is choosing to be with this other person there is nothing you can do nor should do - let them be, let go and move on. She has to realize on her own if there is a problem with him but until then she has moved on and so should you.

Can someone realize his mistake under bad peer pressure?

When his conscience advises him against it and he feels guilty.

Why do you feel so comfortable around your boyfriend?

Well this may not apply to many, but the reason why I feel comfortable around my boyfriend is because he makes me feel that way. The way he acts around me and how he treats me makes me realize that he expects me to be me, and noone else.

What should i do if i have pregnancy symptoms but am still a virgin and i realize that i can't be?

you should see a doctor because there could be some other problem with your body..

What causes hazardour waste?

One of the main causes of the abundance of hazardous waste is that people do not realize how large a problem it is. Because it can be simply removed and sent to a landfill, it is often assumed that the problem ends there.

How do you get your ex boyfriend to like you again?

It depends who dumped who. If you dumped him, say you made a mistake and want to be with him again. If he dumped you, it will be harder- especially if he likes someone else. He needs to realize that he misses you, but if he doesn't then he's just not right for you and you should try to move on and hope for the best.

How can we make your pop stars better?

it depends on the pop star cause its when you get older you make mistake and don't realize it.