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Why is your boyfriend so insecure?

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βˆ™ 2009-02-14 05:31:51

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there are many reasons why and recently iv'e had the same problem but ive come to realize that it is because he is afraid to lose you. he thinks that you might leave him for someone else better than him in general <3

2009-02-14 05:31:51
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Q: Why is your boyfriend so insecure?
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Related Questions

Why are you so insecure about your boyfriend and other women?

You either have low self-esteem or he has cheated on you and you don't trust him.

Is your boyfriend jealous or insecure?

Jealousy is always caused by insecurity.

How do you know your boyfriend is insecure?

is his kissing other girls or other guys?

Why does your boyfriend accuse you of cheating?

He is insecure and not sure of the way you feel towards him.

What does breaking up with your boyfriend in a dream mean?

Answer It could mean that you aren't happy with your present boyfriend and or you are a bit insecure about your feelings for him.

What does it mean when your boyfriend ask you do you like him?

he is feeling insecure and needs you to validate your feelings for him

Should you be insecure if your girlfriend talks to her ex?

no, Because your the boyfriend and he is an ex only.

How do you use insecure in a sentence?

If I do not have a substantial amount of money in the bank, I feel insecure.My door was insecure so had to get it replaced

Why are you paranoid your boyfriend doesnt love you when deep down you know he does?

because you yourself are insecure

Should a boyfriend care that his girlfriend is tomboyish or is he just insecure?

if he loves her he would not care.

What does it mean when you dream with your boyfriend but he is kissing his ex girlfriend?

Either he is cheating on you or you feel insecure about your relationship with him.

Why does your boyfriend blame everything that goes wrong on you?

Possibly because it is your fault. More likely because he is insecure.

Are married people who are insecure more likely to have an extra marital affair?

no i don't think so cause if they r so insecure in their marriage then they would be too insecure to cheat but that's just one opinion!!

Why does your boyfriend show his friends your breast?

maybe your boyfriend is just showing off to his mates but, if you feel insecure tell him and he should stop showing his friends after all its not his breast !!!!!!!!!

my boyfriend is insecure and putting me through hell what do you suggest?

I had the same problem so I called student services at the University I was attending and they co-signed for me. This is not a garrantee they will help you but it doesn't hurt to ask!

You dreamed your ex girlfriend went back to her previous ex boyfriend what does that means?

shes your ex so why do you care either way, it shows a very insecure person Well I'm still in love with her and I know for a fact she hates her previous ex boyfriend!!

What does it mean when your boyfriend keeps on saying that he dreams that you are interested in another guy and repeatedly brings it up?

It means he's insecure.

Your boyfriend tells you about girls that like him Is he insecure or telling you he is not interested in you?

Probably insecurity, or he is telling you that he chose you and only you out of those girls...

How can you trust your boyfriend when he has a girl friend?

You can't. (but one poor soul wishes to disagree ... so:) You can, my boyfriend has a girlfriend who is obsessed with him! she would do and say anything to make me think he is cheating. some women are evil. they are insecure and jealous. you have to trust your man. my boyfriend shared intimate details with her; and she blurted it out in front of myself and his friends. she has proved she is crass and classless completely NOT what my boyfriend is attracted to.

You had a dream your boyfriend left you for his ex what does this mean?

It doesn't mean that your boyfriend will leave you for his ex... He cant control what you dream about, so dont punish him. What it does mean is that you are feeling a little insecure about the relationship and threatened by your boyfriends ex. Just remember that it was only a dream and that he is with you for a reason, enjoy your relationship...

Im a girl Why am i so insecure?

A lot of girls are really insecure. There is a lot of peer pressure and meanness between girls. There is also a lot of pressure to be " popular". Believe me, its not always worth it to be popular. Dont be pressured into have a boyfriend, or anything. Just be yourself, and dont listen to rumors or contribute to gossip. I have a lot of advice on that, so just ask, or go to my message board.

You used your boyfriend mobile to check if he was cheating on you?

you're either insecure about your relationship or you suspect something and just want the evidence to bust him

What does it mean when your boyfriend askes you why you love him?

It likely just means that he is wondering why you were attracted to him in the first place... maybe he's feeling insecure.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is argessive?

It means he's probably insecure. Positive reinforcement helps to cure this, reward him when he's acting nice.

Why would your boyfriend ask you if still loved him?

He could be insecure, or maybe he is reading something into the relation ship that isn't there, like infidelity.