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Go back to Dr. who prescribed medications and explain what meds are/are not doing for you. It is hard to say why they are not working for you but every medication has different outcomes with every person. Good Luck! * You might want to look for an alternative non drug way to be able to pay attention better, look at the higher potential you would have. Try the Australian Bush Flower Essences Cognis 7 drops in 16 oz of water, shake and sip while needing to concentrate and wanting to retain better, can also be used for better recall. IF your problem is hyperactivity you might want to try the ABFE Calm & Clear Essence.

"Australian Bush Flower Healing" by Ian White

ISBN-10: 073380

Yahoo email group discussing Australian Bush Flower Essences You might also consider the use of ADD-care. ADD-care is the only natural supplement that has been shown to rival Adderall in SPECT brain imaging scans and the Conner's impulsivity test at the Amen Clinic.

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What can I do if pain medications don't work should I ask for something stronger?

You can ask for something stronger if pain medications are not working for you. You might discuss other types of pain management with your doctor which might include alternative medications or therapies.

What kind of answer should you give when asked about your weaknesses?

You should list a couple and then add that you are working on them by doing this: (you add the steps you are taking to strengthen your weaknesses)

When checkin in medications on an invoice the technician should?

when checking in medications oin an invoice the technician should

How many antibotic shot should you give a dog with parvo?

It depends on the medication and treatments required. They may include IV fluids, antidiarrheal medications, anti-vomitting medications, and other medications all of which can add up fast as parvo is a difficult disease to treat or cure.

What are safe stimulant drugs for Adult ADD?

this is a question ONLY YOUR DR> should answer. all medications act diffrently w/ each of us.

Do you add the denominators when i add fractions?

No.And you should not add them either.No.And you should not add them either.No.And you should not add them either.No.And you should not add them either.

Why should Commonly used medications be periodically rotated accordin?

Commonly used medications should be periodically rotated according to the

Do ADD medications have Methamphetamine in them?

Desoxyn does, others are different variations of ampthetamine, they should be taking it if they are prescribed it. It's not like the street drugs in the low prescribed doses.

What medications should not be taken with pgx?

I am taking effexor and lyrica will PGX effect these medications?

Can alcohol stop medication from working?

Yes, it can inhibit the actions of certain medications.

Does Strattera stop working?

Strattera, just like many other medications, can build up tolerance in your body. That is why it is important for your doctor to monitor your medications.

What are some medications for ADD or ADHD?

Powerful stimulants like Ritalin and Dexedrine.

What do you need to add to a working horses diet?

i just read in my book that you should just give it the normal amount of food

What precautions should be observed by people taking zonisamide?

Persons taking zonisamide should avoid alcohol and central nervous system depressants (medications including antihistimines, sleep medications, and some pain medications).

What medications should you take for asthma?


Should medications be capitalized?

Medications are capitalized if these are bra nded names of drugs but ge neric names should not be capitalized. Examples: Advil aspirin

618 add 52 add 17 show working out?

the answer is 687

Can hypothyroidism cause the thyroid to stop working altogether?

Yes, and you need special medications for that.

What precautions should be observed when taking levetiracetam?

A physician should be consulted before taking levetiracetam with certain non-prescription medications. Patients should avoid alcohol and CNS depressants (medications that make one drowsy or tired, such as anti-histamines, sleep medications

Where should an ADD child be seated in class?

My daughter has ADD/ADHD and we have found it best that she sits up front toward the teachers desk. It seems t be working so far.

Can a professional counselor prescribe medications in Ohio?

No. Only a licensed physician can prescribe medications in Ohio (or a nurse practitioner or physician assistant working under a licensed physician).

What medications would give a patient the same effects as crystal methamphetamine Or could be used to treat a patient with ADD and extreme tirednessno energy sleepiness?


How should activated charcoal be used when taking medications?

Charcoal may interfere with the absorption of medications and nutrients such as vitamins or minerals. For uses other than for treatment of poisoning, charcoal should be taken two hours after other medications.

What medications should not be taken after a Contrast CT Scan?

There are no generally contraindicated medications after a contrast enhanced Ct Scan.

Can you take blood pressure medications morning of bronchoscopy?

It should be as you should never skip your medications. Make sure you mention your pills to your doctor though, you should have already if he or she doesn't already know.