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What should you do if you have a baby with your ex that you want to give up for adoption because your ex does not communicate with you but you do not want to mess up your future with your boyfriend?


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September 13, 2011 1:04PM

If the father of the child has no communication with you and takes no part in caring for it or even sending a dollar for its food, then you can either keep the baby or send it for adoption, whichever you want. You do not have to ask his permission.

But it sounds like you have found one of those rare men who thinks a ready-made family with a pretty mama and a cute baby (that is past the stage of waking every 3 hours for food) is a good thing to have. SO you might want to sit down with this guy, make it clear that you are not looking for just a father for the baby, or are trying to "trap" him, but ask him if he is serious about caring for the baby as part of his family.

Of course, if you are going to adopt out the baby, you need to adopt it out while it is still a baby, and not a 30 year-old man, so you need to talk to the boyfriend quietly and seriously about the future for the three of you. Your ex, as far as I can see from your long question, has absolutely no part in this. It is just you, the baby, and the new boyfriend who has, after all, already told you he would like to help you care for the baby. Seems he's already made his position pretty clear; and the only question remains whether you want to keep the baby with you, or not.

it all is up to you and what you what to do no one else can live your life.only u kow whats going to make u happy.and starting a new relationship withh a new man and someone else'sbaby doesnt sound like a good start to me.but then again i don't know what will make u happy and just remember as long as u have this ababy in your life u will have your ex in your life too..anyways email me if u want to put the baby upfor adoption cause i have someone who would love to adopt ur baby