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you don't love your wife........eve heard of "THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTRY"......that is NOT a suggestion. * Get counseling or get a divorce so that you can both get on with your lives like responsible adults.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-16 17:12:38
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Q: What should you do if you have been married for 8 years and love your wife but desperately want to have sex with other people?
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Do people like other people?

Sometimes men and women love each other and get married.. Sometimes men like men and maybe get married I have heard a story like that from my friend.. Sometimes women like women and get married.. So its true people do like other people.. Sometimes people have enimies.. Men and men get married when the like like / love each other.. Women and women get married when they like like / love eachother.. People love other people and people like other people

Why do people have to get married?

people do not have to get married, it used to be "politically correct" to get married and start a family but more and more people today are choosing not to get married but instead make a verbal promis to each other, some people don't get married because they can not afford it, and some don't believe in marriage. You should talk it over with your spouse on what you both feel and decided on.

If your wife is bisexual should you encourage her to have a girlfriend?

No. She is your WIFE. You shouldn't include other people into your bed.....that is WHY you got married.

What is the difference between a married and an unmarried person?

Married people don't care what other people think of them, unmarried people do ;)

If married but have not been living together for 9 months and waiting on a divorce can you date other people?

if married but legally separated can you date other people

Do all people have to say yes to getting married?

If they feel that they love each other equally, respectfully and want to be committed to lifetime partnership, they should say yes to getting married.

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Probably for the same reasons many other people are not married

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Something that Presidents and Prime Ministers all over the world suffer from, and desperately try to conceal.

What should you do when you fell in love with a married man and you love each other but haven't acted on it but you are both going through a separation and divorce.?

You should either 1) Run away and change your name 2)kill both of the people you married.

What was catherine parr life before she married Henry VIII?

she was married to 5 other people before she married henry

Can people from different country can get married?

this is only a guess but it depends on the country... but i think you should marry who you love i don't really know about other countrys

Should anyone marry each other for social advantage?

I would think not. People get married because the love each other, not so they can attend every social event of the century.

What should a Married woman with 2 kids in love with a married man do?

If the married man is her husband, all is well. Otherwise, she should back off on the other guy until she has resolved the current relationship. Often infatuation is all the other guy is.

Do you still have a chance to get married?

Some people get married fairly young while other people can get married for the first time up to their 40's and way past that age.

Why people should not married people from other religion why its bad to get married someone from different religion?

We adopt norms and values from society as we mature and age. In some societies and cultures is is taboo to marry others from different religions while in others it is perfectly acceptable.

Approximately what percent of deaf people who marry are married to other deaf people?


Why would a woman who has a husband constantly keep making new friends desperately?

Are the friends males? because that would say a lot. if this married woman is looking to make friends that are males all the time, and "desperately" as you say, maybe she is looking to have an affair because she is not happy in her marriage and is using the excuse as finding friends as a cover. If it's the other way around, and she is looking for female friends desperately, maybe she feels alone even though she is married. maybe she needs a listening ear or the need to feel a connection with someone because she is not getting that in the marriage. hope that this has helped.

If your married and having an affair and you see someone else is it cheating on your partner to which you are having the affair with?

No you are just cheating yourself really, forget about the other people, you are desperately seeking help within. These people are just demonstrating an existential part of yourself. You have to make up your mind, you must be living a I never got to do this before affair, or you are being indulgent. Besides that, if you are married cheating is wrong, however only if there is a reason it occured, but cheating again, there is something wrong with that. IF you are doing it for pleasure then it is understandable, but you are hurting the other person involved.

A man is in a relationship with the married women should he end the relationship?

Well, how would you feel if you were married and your wife was having an extramarital relationship? The answer is 'yes', he should end the relationship.... the husband got her first, and he can't be so selfish as to take her away from the other man. She married the other man, she has to live with him - whether or not she loves him. The other guy has no part in the relationship, and should get out of it.

Why should people stop domestic violence?

It should be stopped because it's illegal and morally wrong to hurt other people. That especially goes for those you claim to love. Being in a relationship or being married does not mean you have the right to do that to your partner.

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Because they desperately love each other

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Can married couples get HIV from each other?

Yes, if they cheat on each other with infected people.