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forget about that person and find another guy i've got the samme problem.theres a girl i know who i cannot stop thinking about who lives quite far pretty sure she does not like me like that but i want to keep trying. Its extremely difficult to just forget about her, there is no girl in the world, im sure who is as great, in my opinion, as her. Is there any advice anyone can give of what to do?

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โˆ™ 2006-04-16 07:17:27
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Q: What should you do if you intensely love someone who lives far away and they only like you at the moment as a friend?
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How do you get rid of someone who is wanting your girl friend?

Just tell him to go away, and that she's not single at the moment, and you are dating her. That should get rid of him.

What do you do if someone fancies you?

Well if you do not fancy them but they fancy you, you should say "I want to be your friend but I am not ready to go out with someone at the moment". and if you do fancy them, try and get to know them, then see what happens!!:D

What should you do if your best friend is hanging out with someone you absolutly hate?

If your best friend is hanging out with someone you hate you shouldn't abandon him or her. Just try your best to stay away from the "hater" of the person you hate and be with your friend. Avoid contact or any personal moment with that person.

Your friend just farted on you what should you do?

Savour the moment of comfort and warmth

Should a best friend tell his best friend a secret?

Yeah, a best friend is someone that you should feel comfortable with.

What should I do if my best friend isn't my friend anymore?

You should just move on with your life and become friend with someone else and just that best friend that is not your friend anymore>

What if your best friend likes you and asked you out and you are secretly dating someone else?

well if you like your best friend then you should go out with him|her... but if you don't your best friend then you should tell him|her, that you are going out with someone already.

What do you do when you told someone who your friend likes?

* Tell the friend sorry. * And the person you told it to: "apparently it is not true" it should be okay and if it is not don't tell someone that your friend likes someone then you shouldn't have to worry.

How do you tell if someone is a good friend?

they should be very nice

Should you ask out someone you like if they have a girl friend?


Who should you have to represent you for a divorce?

A good friend and someone you trust!

Im 13 i never kissed a boy should i kiss a friend or should i wait and kiss a boy i like more then a friend?

don't just kiss someone to kiss someone wait to find someone you really care about

What should you do when you love someone but you know you shouldn't because he is your friend's boyfriend?

He is still your friend's boyfriend.You should leave him alone and try to find someone else. Be happy for your friend that she has such a great boy friend!

What should you do when you best girl friend is dating someone else and you are very jealous?

you should tell her how you feel and if she isn't understanding then she can't be that good of a friend

His friend told you he liked you what should you do?

assure him that you guys are friends and your going out with his friend and that he'll find someone else

What should you do your best friend goes with some one else?

because your friend has found someone else who they like.

How do you add friends on FBFkids?

Well if you find someone there should be a button that says send friend request or something, if you click that it will send that person a friend request. Or when someone sends you a friend request you click approve so that they are your friend.

What do you do if your best friend is using your crush?

Then i guess shes not your best friend because a best friend should not be going with someone that you like especially if you told her!!!!!!!!!!!

What can I get my best friend?

You know your best friend the most. Why should you be asking someone who doesn't know your friend? You know what your bf loves and what his/her hobbies are. Think about it.

Whats the right moment to ask someone to be your girlfriend or boyfriend?

There is no right moment. This should be done when the time just feels right. There's usually some moment when it seems to be the expected thing to say.

If you hate someone our best friend should also hate that person?

No of course not

What should you do if You really like a girl Who is your friend but likes someone else?

Tell them.

What to do if you like your best friend?

well you should first find the right moment to tell them..... you should tell him/her how you feel and make sure you express your feelings completely...

What should you do if your crush fancies your friend?

If your crush likes your friend, then get over it. Your crush obviously doesn't like you, and unless your friend knew you liked this person and went after him, then it isn't their fault that some one decided that your friend was the one for them! Well I think that you should tell your friend and maybe she will get him into you this is happening to me at the moment so I know how it feels :D

If you like a boy but they like your friend what should you do?

Find a guy who likes you too. Don't mess with someone who likes your friend if you don't want to lose a friend.