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This is a question you should be discussing with your husband. You both have to sit down and go over your finances. If you are paying on a mortgage or loan, car payments, etc., then you have to go by what your husband is bringing in. See where you can cut-down on expenses. Usually couples with children need two vehicles. It can get expensive. Yet, if you go to work and don't have grandparents to look after your daughter, then you have Day Care to pay for which, as you know, can be expensive. Make a list of your expenses, and what your husband brings in and see if you can swing it. Also include in that if he gets medical from his company or if you can handle paying medical with 2 children. If you find it won't work, then work a year and see how your finances go. I think it's great that one parent stay home with the child(ren) and it's much healthier for them. Our parents did it, so we can pull it off if we back off of all the unnecessary goodies. The questions you and and you husband have to ask yourselves is "can we hack not going out as often, or eating out." Fun won't be much of an option for you doing it this way, but at least you can switch back and forth having friends come over or going over to a friends place. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What should you do if you just got a job 2 months ago but you really want to stay at home with your 2-year-old daughter and you and your husband want to have another one soon?
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