What should you do if you just want to cry because you hate your job and you want to stay home with your child and have another one but your hubby says you have to work but you think his pay is enough?

Quit thinking of crying, get tough, and do your homework. Sit down one night and list all your bills (including mortgage and health care, gas, food) and then how much your husband makes a month (after taxes.) You need to prove to him you can afford it if you have another child and you stay home. Let him see it in black and white! Some men get use to that extra pay check and fear living without it. Your pay check may help him have those "toys" that both of you are use to having. If you have another child then this means no fancy trips for holidays, you can't do all the things you use too and also, you can't have all those extra toys. He could also be making excuses because he doesn't want to have another child. I hope you do make up that list and prove to him you can work things out on just his pay check alone. Show it to him and if he still isn't convinced then it's time to communicate and find out his feelings on the subject of having another child. Also assure him that when the children are old enough to start school you can still go out and get a part-time job and be at home when your kids get home from school. This gives you the opportunity to still be out in the workforce or take extra courses to improve your employment opportunities so when the kids are almost ready to leave home you can go out and work at something you enjoy. I'm behind you! Good for you! Statistics prove that if one parent (preferably the mother) stays home with their children they have less problems with their children during teen years and the children are more rounded and ready for their own futures. Children coming home to an empty house is sad to me. I can remember coming home to the smell of my mom's cooking, the house tidy and feeling so secure. Sometimes (especially in high school) I felt so under peer pressure and my home was my "safe haven" and I could talk to my mom about my feelings and feel much better about myself. I am a block parent (keeping other people's kids safe) now, and it's sad. I live in Canada and we call these kids "lock key kids" meaning they have the key to the house, no one is home, the poor kid runs to the fridge and digs around for a quick snack, slumps in front of the computer or in front of the TV. Sometimes these kids have problems and there they sit all alone. Get that list made and stick it under his nose! It's time for him to be honest with you. Good luck Marcy He may just not want another child, may like the extra pay, or there could be another reason. Studies have proven that when both parents work (even if for one it is only part time) the kid is smarter