What should you do if you live in Florida and have an unscreened pool and there are minute reddish insects on the surface that bite and your pool man increased the chemicals but it did nothing?

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Those darn pests, Is what they are able to do is cruise the water surface without breaking through, We have a product called bug out which prohibits the bugs from walking on the surface, In short drowns them,Putting in more chlorine will not have an affect due to the bugs do not injest the water they want your flesh. Your pool man should be able to get it locally for you if not e-mail me with your info and we will get you some. Our office# is 800-488-2436 My name is Kenny
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Should the surface water in your pool be moving a lot?

\n Answer \n. \nYes, I believe it means your pump and filter are running correctly. You may want to adjust your jet so that the water discharge is just below the surface and circulating around the pool properly.\n. \nMy pool company told me to place the return jet at an angle facing away from ( Full Answer )

What is the chalky substance on the pool surfaces?

The chalky substance is most likely too much shock. use Tri-Sodium Phosphate(TSP)and a good brush to clean it. drain the pool first. Well, in my opinion the chalky substance is from a painted pool where the paint is oxidizing. Brushing this only makes the water more cloudy and decreases the filt ( Full Answer )

What is 'mottling' on the surface of a pool?

%DETAILS%. Answer . Mottling is a natural condition where the plaster has several greyish "shades", kind of like "white clouds". \n. \nMottling should not be confused with actual staining.\n. \nMottling is very common and usually not a concern.\n. \nHope this helps .....

How do you increase the alkalinity in a pool?

Add baking soda, one or two cups at a time, until it's where it should be. Check PH between applications though because the baking soda can lower the PH. It could also be that you're not shocking your pool enough. You want to run your pool water alkalinity level between 80-100ppm, not up to 150 as ( Full Answer )

Do pools increase the value of a home?

Typically no. Most people don't want a pool. However that isn't tosay that it could be persuasive for the person that does want one.

How do you get rid of the biting insect called backswimmers in a swimming pool?

It depends on what the bugs are...if they are mosquitoes, you can get rid of them by circulating the water. Mosquito larvae need still and stagnent water to survive. Not too many other types of bugs will live in the pool water, but many types will use the pool as a water source, so they are living n ( Full Answer )

Will a Pool increase my property value?

It does but not very much.. My Friends have a pool and I have a 1/2 acre larger lot and slightly smaller house and my appraises for more then their property with a pool

How do backswimmmer insects get in your pool?

By backswimmer insects I presume you are refering to what is actually named a Water Boatman. These fellows appear to be non removable from a pool. You net them out and they fly back almost too fast to get them out of the net.

What is advantage of fiberglass pool in Florida?

In my opinion, none! Stick with Marcite. I completely disagree. With 19 years experience in the restoration of older swimming pools, I have learned that fiberglass swimming pools are the best of the best. My business is limited to older pools, so my expertise is in swimming pool longevity, therefor ( Full Answer )

What is the best way remove floating insects from the surface of a swimming pool?

You can skim them with screenwire. Most dealers of pool supplies have a pole with a screen on one end made especially for that purpose.. The best way to keep these under control is to install a floating swimming pool skimmer. there are several different types available however the most effective is ( Full Answer )

What is the best pool interior surface?

I like Pebble-crete it is durable and forgiving when it comes to stains most stains are removed easily and the unavoidable discoloring over the years is harder to discern there is a slight drawback insofar as the pools surfaces are rougher to the touch.

How increase pool temperature?

Pool temperatures can be increased by installing a pool heater.They can also be raised by using a solar blanket.

Can spiders bite you in your swimming pool?

well i don't have a swimming pool so i wouldn't know. But water spiders can bite, although i doubt that they would be able survive in a pool with all of those chemicals.

What is the best pool surface for the money?

Fiberglass is by far the lowest maintenance pool surface currently available. The life expectancy is more than 40 years, and the surface will require resurfacing only twice, under normal conditions.

Are there private pool suites in Florida?

As far as I can tell by searching for such a thing in the US, Sybaris is the only one I know to exist. I think they have a trademark or something. You can get them in Mexico and the Caribbean. Theres a crappy place in Kentucky or something that advertises it, but its more like a bathtub..

Insects living in green pool?

When a pool has gone green then all kinds of creatures will find a home in the water every thing from mosquito larvae to tadpoles. It is also a far more dangerous situation because should a child fall into the water. the time spent looking and not being able to locate may be just enough to mean the ( Full Answer )

What is the surface area of a swimming pool?

To determine your pool's surface area in square feet use the following:. Round pools Area = RXR x 3.14 ex if the pool is 24 round take 12x12x3.14. Rectangle Area = LxW so a 20Feet x30Feet Rectangular would be 20x30=600sft SA. For those pools which are odd in shape Area =(A+B)xLx.45 A & B being th ( Full Answer )

Should you drain your pool in Florida if not over flowing?

The only thing an over full pool does that may be a problem for some is it stops the skimmer from working properly. Unless you have a floating skimmer. Other then that you may as well let nature evaporate the water out of the pool rather then having to pay for top up water sooner.

How much money does a pool man make in south Florida?

I have run a pool service and repair business in south Texas for 21 years and have always made great money. I make an average of $100 per hour. I am also able to employ my 3 sons and pay them well. It's a great profession but you have to wear a lot of hats. your a plumber, an electrician, a psycolog ( Full Answer )

What do you do after you fill a pool with pool chemicals?

well maybe it wil be wise to get a pool tester. and test the chemicals if it is ok or not ok if you just put the chemicals in the you my wanna wait because the chemicals are still strong and killing in the wost pain amagineble.caseing to burn human skin Please fill your pool with water, then gra ( Full Answer )

What are the Florida condominium pool rules?

All condominiums -- private democracies -- operate under a set of governing documents. You can read yours (CC&Rs and By-laws, plus any board resolutions) to better understand the rules that govern your condominium pool in Florida.

How many chemicals should you use in your pool?

You can usually get away with just two, chlorine tablets and baking soda when pH gets too low. In my experience as a pool shop owner, it will cost the average pool owner $200 PER YEAR if it is a salt water pool or $450 per year for a fresh water (chlorine) pool. Remember that the salt pool owner ( Full Answer )

Florida pools what is the best type of pool?

in ground pool with a pebble tec finish life time warranty Concrete structure. Exposed aggregate finish. Pebble tec is virtually indestructable but rough on the feet. Forget about a "Life time warranty". The warranty is only as good as the company that builds the pool. In my thirty years in the biz ( Full Answer )

What insect lives on nothing?

It depends on what stage in the insects development it has reached. Mayflies that have shred their nymph stage skin will fly to mate, but with hardly any mouth-parts will never eat and die shortly after mating.

Where should swimming pool chemicals be stored?

Swimming pool chemicals should be locked away in a storage bin or shed where children cannot gain access to them. Be sure to prevent any dangerous accidents by keeping the children away from the chemicals.

Should you fill a new pool before adding chemicals?

Yes. And once you start filling your pool, do not stop until the water is up to the tile line. Stopping the water for a prolong time could cause a stain line around the perimeter. If you are filling your pool with well water you may want to pre-filter it to take out the tannins and any metals. If yo ( Full Answer )

What is the surface of pool tables made from?

The surface of a pool table is made from quarried slate, which is blueish gray rock that splits quite naturally into big, flat segments. It is then covered in cloth and surrounded by rubberized cushions.

What insects are in a tide pool?

Insects don't do well in salt water, so none. There might becrustaceans, however, in the form of aquatic isopods (pillbugs).Also barnacles - these are crustaceans!

How often The chemical content of a pool should be at least checked?

pH and sanitizer should be checked daily in a perfect world...atleast 2-3 times a week at minimum. TA every week, CH weekly tomonthly, depending on the hardness of your fill water. CYA weeklyto monthly, depending on whether you use a stabilized chlorinesource or an unstabilized chlorine source such ( Full Answer )

Do pool beetles bite?

It depends on what you mean by "pool beetle" as there are manytypes of bugs that you will find in your pool. Not all bugs willbite, but some will. When you say "pool beetle" I am assuming that you are referring tothe colloquial term "pool beetle" or "pool bug" which is commonlyused to refer to beet ( Full Answer )