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Well first you have to slowly get to know him better, start by just saying hi then take it to how are you. Slowly he will be open to the idea of being with you. Also there is no problem with a boy being younger then you it's totally normal also don't rush things you don't want to make it unnatural.

First off that was gross whoever is below me! (funny, but gross)Anyways, I am going to break the boy code by telling you something... I am a girl just so you know, but most of my friends are guys and so I know this stuff.... HE LIKES YOU! He is really ,really shy and he is also probablt afraid of rejection becasue you are older than him, besides who isn't afraid of rejection? Just try talking to him or wave at him in the hallway or something to get is attention, become friends, see if you really actually like him... smile at him even let him know you want to get to know him... make him notice you... you never know, breaking out of your shell might make him break out of his... :)

Ariana and Joann

Best AnswerGo up to him and pull his face into your boobs. Works every time.

--boy's POV--

I've been in this situation before - if he's slightly shy around girls, he may still like you but be embarrassed coz u know otherwise he may just be bored and if so, try the face into the boobs thing

Trust meFrom what you said he probably likes you but doesn't want to stare at you. You should talk to him once you see him again a simple hi would work Answer"Used to" is the key word here. Maybe he got tired of using his energy to catch your eye and moved on. Maybe he just changed the way he thought of you. What do you want to do? If you like him, then make him notice you again.


One year age difference has nothing to do with it, one year isn't that much to make any significant change. What you have to see is if he is shy or maybe he got tired of waiting for you to notice him or maybe he's trying to make himself interesting to you by ignoring you (if that's the case I can see it worked). Wait a week and see what changes. If every thing is the same then try to make some kind of contact, it's only fare since he tried for a while first. If you really like him then try, what can you lose.

maybe he still likes you, but hes avoiding unnecessary eye contact as an attempt at acting "normal." ask his close friends if he ever talks about you. if they ask why and suspect you like him, just say

you thought he was acting strange around you lately and thought he might have a crush on you, which would be cool w/ you if he did.

AnswerI believe that the age difference has very little to do with this. But just because he doesn't keep eye contact with you doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like you anymore. Many times, guys will not maintain eye contact because they're nervous. Also, try not to over think it. Did you ever consider that maybe he didn't see you? Regardless, maybe you should talk to him. Flirt a little and see what happens. Most likely if he used to like you and isn't interested in another girl now, you'll be able to get him to notice you again.

DUGH! He likes you, he is trying to hard to make people think he dosent like you. Just go up to him and start a conversation and than start blending in with relationships and than just go ahead and ask!

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If someone avoids eye contact with you, it probably means that they are nervous. It could also me they are afraid of something or that you intimidate them.

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What does it mean when a girl makes long eye contact with you at a distance but avoids it if she's close?

Answer:It most likely means she likes you or that she is shy at making friends and wants to be your friend (but it is most likely the former)

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It means he might not really like you. When a guy does like you he will hug you, kiss you, and hold your hand. On the other hand, some guys are especially nervous.

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When the boy avoids a girl that is one sign that he likes that girl or he just might not want to be near her or in contact that is a sign that he likes you but he doesn't like to be around you every second or minute

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