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What should you do if you want to spend the rest of your life with your fiance but you are tempted by another man?



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dont put yourself in the situation to be tempted! According to the bible marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled. Satan knows this and is going to use everything in his power to keep you from getting married or remaining married. Dont give him the satisfaction of even trying to ruin your relationship. Being faithful is a decision, not a characteristic. Is your every day decision and is better to be honest. Sometimes the thought of getting married (all the rush and fuss over wedding plans, etc.) can scare the bravest person away and perhaps into the arms of another. If you have doubts, put the wedding off and stay with your fiance a little longer. If you feel this other person could be important in your life then have the guts to break-off the engagement and be free to date whom you want. Sometimes people just aren't ready to get married. Marriage should be taken seriously, so if you have any doubts act on them now, not after! You need to get in touch with your true feelings for each man. Do you really love your fiancee enough to spend the rest of your life with him and be faithful. Does the other man tempt you in ways your fiancee does not. Love is different than loyalty. Lust is different than love. You can have a hot lustful love life with your husband, that depends on the two of you. You cannot how- ever fool yourself into thinking a piece of paper is going to be enought to keep you on track. Either go to a therapist or sit down with two pieces of paper and right down what it is you get from both men and what is it that you give both men. The main thing is your happiness and that of the person you decide to be in a committed relationship with....