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Lemon VehiclesStates with lemon laws allow the owner a refund or replacement when a new vehicle has a substantial problem that is not fixed within a reasonable number of attempts. Many specify a refund or replacement when a substantial problem is not fixed in four repair attempts or the car has been out of service for 30 days within the first 12,000 miles/12 months. If you believe that your car is a lemon:
  • Contact your state or local consumer protection office for information on the laws in your state and the steps you must take to resolve the situation;
  • Give the dealer a list of symptoms every time you bring it in for repairs; keep copies for your records;
  • Get copies of the repair orders showing the reported problems, the repairs performed and the dates that the car was in the shop; and
  • Contact the manufacturer, as well as the dealer, to report the problem. Some state laws require that you do so to give the manufacturer a chance to fix the problem. Your owner's manual will list an address for the manufacturer.

Here are more answers and opinions from other FAQ Farmers:

  • This term is generally not understood by the public. Example: A bad tire, then the AC goes out followed by a piece of moulding coming loose. While frustrating, these different problems do not fall under the "Lemon Law". It has strict guidelines to protect dealers from spurious claims. Not an easy process as the paperwork is tedious and specific. Once the vehicle has been deemed a lemon, a complicated formula is used to pro-rate another vehicle sale.

The most important part of recouping money for your claim is documentation.

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Q: What should you do if your car is a lemon?
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The word lemon can be a noun and an adjective. The word car is a noun.

Can you run a car off of lemon juice?

No, lemon juice is not combustible.

What is the Lemon Car law in Florida?

The Lemon Car law in Florida applies to new cars and it covers any defects that can affect the operation of a car. Any such defect must be reported with 2 years after purchase to be covered by the Lemon Car law.

How do I know if my car qualifies under the automobile lemon law?

Car Lemon has a lemon law guide that includes state lemon law statues. It also gives tips and answers frequently asked questions about lemon laws. Go to your state Department of Transportation for reliable information about lemon laws. Your state DOT will provide the info you need to figure out if your car is legally designated as a lemon.

What is the car lemon law for?

The car lemon law was put into effect in order to help protect consumers. Lemon laws exist so that a car dealership may not knowingly sell a car to a consumer that has known issues without first telling the customer about them.

Which states have used car lemon laws?

Only 6 states have used car lemon laws.ConnecticutMasscchusettsMinnesotaNew JerseyNew MexicoNew York

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Car lemon law in california provides compensation to California consumers of defective automobiles and trucks.

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A car referred to as a "lemon" is a car that has severe production flaws from the manufacturer. In other words, it is delivered to the customer with clear problems that should not be there. "Lemons" often have manufacturing errors that are either very expensive to correct, or almost impossible to correct mechanically.

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