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not to be a jerk, but, uh take him to the vet...and don't feed him anymore langua


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Yes, the beef will make one sick. The longer the beef is in the fridge, the higher the risk of eating it and getting sick as a result.

Probably not but you might burn your tongue, and feel sick after eating it.

It can only make you sick if the ring is not thorougly hypoallergenic.

Not all people get sick after eating an egg, but if you seem to be getting sick after you eat an egg, then maybe your body doesn't like eggs, so maybe you should stop eating them.

yes, you can get very ill from eating any meat that has turned, whether it is poultry, pork, beef and especially sliced deli meat.

Well, Your tongue is sick and has been eating something it's notsupposed too. If that is the case just brush your tongue very hard with a brush. If that is not the case go see a doctor. c:

Eating a clean maggot in theory should not make you sick, however maggots are often found in decomposing animal carcasses and traced of this could make you sick.

The most difficult tongue twister is "The sixth sick Sheik's sixth sheep's sick."

Bits of sick. You should drink some water or something.

dog can get sick from eating mold

no you can not get sick from eating expired spices

It is possible to get sick from raw beef. Toxoplasma gondii and Taenia saginita are the bacteria that will make you sick. But many people enjoy steak tartare.

You can get sick from eating raw eggs.

You can get sick from spoiled ground beef. Old beef is preferred to just butchered. This understanding is lost on some people. Ground beef that has sat in the refrigerator for days may not be good to eat.

As long as cats are not eating macadamia nuts, cats can not get sick by eating nuts.

You can get sick from eating too much of anything.

Yes, you could get sick from eating green salami.

will eating a maggot in a peanut make you sick or can it kill you

Can you get sick eating old brown rice

your dog is probably sick and you should take him/her to the doctor

You can tell when a puppy is sick if he/she is eating grass or whimpering You can tell when a puppy is sick if he/she is eating grass or whimpering


yeah you can get sick from eating too much of ANYTHING.

You can get sick from eating too much of anything!

No you cannot get sick from rubbing plants on you. You my get sick from eating them but not touching. Unless it is a poison ivy plant or something then you can Source: I'm a doctor

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