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It might have a sore, broken bone or have twisted it's right arm. You need to keep on eye on your hamster to make sure that it does not get worse. Good luck:)

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How should you always carry a microscope?

with your stronger arm ex if you are right handed use your right arm grab the arm of the microscope and use your other arm/hand at the base/under it

Is it true that a Koi arm tattoo should be on the left arm never the right to symbolize good karma?

No !!!

What does it mean if your right arm feels heavy?

I think numbness in the right arm is a sign of stroke, but I'm not sure. Maybe you should call your doctor.

Right shoulder arm pain?

Right should arm pain could be a pulled muscle. A doctor will be able to diagnose the problem and start a treatment plan.

Right angle push ups?

Proper push-ups entail a right angle formation of arm and forearm. Arm should be parallel to the floor when going down.

Blood coming through an arm cast?

If you have a cast on your arm and blood is coming through it, then you should get medical attention right away.

What tattoo should you get if two guy friends were like brothers?

You should get a chain on your wrist but it looks like it connects to each other and one should get it on the right arm and the other on the left arm.

What direction should your arms follow through when striking the volleyball?

Your arms should follow through parallel to you body. (Assume right handed) Your left arm should pull down from in front and above your head before contact, with your right arm swinging through along a similar path in front for contact. Arm path should be an 'over the top' and not an an angle.

Why is your left arm numb?

There are many reasons why your left arm may be numb. You should see a doctor right as soon as you can if it doesn't get better.

What arm do you wear a baseball arm sleeve on?


How do you make a nervous hamster sleep in your arm?

just pet him til he comes down

What is open handed food service?

When you are placing or retrieving an item from a table, you should use the arm away from the guest. If you are on the right of the guest, you should be using your right arm, as if you are "hugging" them. Same goes for the left. You do not want to put your body between you and the guest.

Why is my right arm stronger than my left?

Assuming you are right-handed, the majority of your actions will be preformed with the right hand and arm. The more you use the muscles in your right arm, the stronger they will become.

What is the tattoo on Keyshia Cole's right arm?

What is the tattoo on keyshia cole right arm?

Why am I itching in my right arm?

because you can sense a slight feeling of pain in your right arm.

When was The Right to Arm Bears created?

The Right to Arm Bears was created in 2000-12.

How many pages does The Right to Arm Bears have?

The Right to Arm Bears has 431 pages.

Should a man wear a watch on right or left arm?

men always on there left

Why right arm is big and left is smaller then right arm?

If you use your right more it will become more muscled.

Does the dark mark go on your right arm or left arm?

Your left arm.

How do you Removing a pitmen arm on a 2001 Tahoe?

The proper way to remove the pitman arm is to use a pitman arm puller. If you do not have one, you can split the arm with a cutoff wheel near the tapered splined hole to reduce the strength of the arm and it should fall right off.

What is revealed about Tom Robinson when he stands up?

When Tom Robinson stands up, his left arm is 12 inches shorter than his right and is limping deadly on the side. When Tom was small, his left arm has gotten caught in Mr. Dolphus Raymond's cotton gin and it ripped out all his muscles from his bones and he almost bled to death. Hoped that helped. (:

Why is right arm stronger than left?

You do physical work with your right limb. So you do more exercise by your right arm. So your the right arm or limb becomes stronger than left.

What to do if your hamster eats its own arm?

Make it eat the other one. Asymmetrical looks weird.

What if your heart is hurting and your right arm is numb?

the heart stop pumping blood to your right arm