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Firstly, you can't just "think" he's having an affair with a coworker, but know for sure. Are you the jealous type? Is there good reason for you to feel the way you do? If so, how do you know for sure he is cheating? In the workplace many men and women have to work together and even over-time, but that doesn't mean they are having an affair. If he has admitted to it, or you've caught both of them together then give him an ultimatum .... "Me or her!" If he doesn't decide, then tell him to stop seeing her or pack his bags." Never sit by and allow anyone to do this to you. If he doesn't smarten up then it's time to kick him out. Do it smart ... see a lawyer! Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-04-28 04:39:09
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Q: What should you do if your husband is in love with a coworker and it bothers you every day he goes to work?
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The brain rests during REM sleep and it is the first few seconds after the person wakes up that they remember their dream or nightmare. A human dreams every half hour in order for the entire body to release the tension of the day. If a person is worried their husband may be cheating because they may not be getting along in their marriage or, the wife has a jealous nature your husband may have simply mentioned something about the coworker or you are afraid if he is working late or seems disinterested in you that he is having an affair with this coworker. It dangerous to second guess whether your husband is cheating because he may well not be. Couples should always work on communication skills and feel free to discuss anything together. They are just not husband and wife, but should be best friends. You could mention the dream to your husband with a smile on your face and see what his reaction is. If you are having marriage problems then both of you need to sit down and decide if you even want to live together and if so then you both need to work on bettering your marriage. If you both cannot resolve it then a marriage counselor can give a married couple skills to resolve many of their problems.

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if the calls are work related and last for less than 2 minutes and the work dinners are not every night - it is great, your husband has a good friend and you should be happy about it. otherwise, you should have a serious conversation with him.

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