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You do nothing. You and your ex-boyfiend apparently had broken up. There was no reason for your friends not to "hook him up" with someone else. Deb

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Does Selena have a real Facebook account?

Yes, but no one knows it but her and her family and closest friends. she was and is a normal girl behind her popularity.

Another way to say left behind?

If you mean to say 'left behind' as in, "When I moved, my friends, school, and home were left behind" Then you could substitute, 'left behind' with 'remained in the past', and remove the word 'were'.

Can you dance if you want to and leave your friends behind?

Yes i can dance if i want to, i can leave my friends behind, Cause my friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine !!

Which tour can get you closest to Niagara Falls?

Journey behind the falls

What should you do if you overheard your friends complaining about you behind your back?

You should tell them you thought you trusted them, and if they are really your friends they shouldn't talk about you behind your back.

Why do friends and family tease one another and sometimes do it behind their back?

well, we are not perfect, and our family and friends (or people we hang out with A LOT) are able to see our flaws... sometimes they tell you to your face, and sometimes they do it behind your back. If you know this is not enjoyable for you, then let people tell your the problems they have about you to your face and don't do it to others.

Does the wedding band go in front of the engagement ring or behind it?

The wedding ring goes behind the engagement ring, closest to the heart.

What is behind a jury box?

A wall. Behind that, there is normally another room, or another courtroom, or the outside.

How do you get past the clifftop path in fable?

Hide behind the left boulder closest to the gate.

Did Anne Frank have friends she left behind?


How can you escape from false friends?

if you no they are not good for have to leave them behind

Your friends said some mean things about you behind your back what should you do?

Friends who say mean things behind your back are not your friends. Good friends are kind; loyal; honest, but not perfect and may make the odd mistake. Sometimes in a person's life they have to be wiser about the friends they choose. It is time for you to start looking for other friends.

What are the rules behind an individual purchasing a firearm from another individual?

It depends on your state. In NH, I can buy a gun from one of my friends if I want to with no restrictions, provided it is not a restricted firearm.

How would the movement of a large group of people affect that group?

maybe they speak another language from they will be moving or how will they make new friends.?They could be leaving there family behind

What do you do when your friends go behind your back?

cut them off.if they are going behind your back, then they certainly arent your friend.

What should you do im really sad and middle school is over and im moving to another state so you will never see your friends again and im REALLY sad right now what should you do?

Wow, moving is never easy, especially leaving your friends behind. But I've moved before, and even though it's pretty hard when you think you'll never see your closest friends ever again, you'll find that everywhere you go, there are still friends to be made. I thought I'd never make as close friends as I did before I moved, but now I have a lot of friends who help me through everything. Plus, you can always stay in contact with old friends. My friend and I live four hours apart and during the summer we still visit each other. Moving isn't the end of the world- in fact, it's more like another beginning.

What is behind Kakashi's mask?

Behind kakashi's mask is another mask.

How do you know who your true friends are?

if your friends will always be there for u and don't talk about you behind your back,and if they don't care what your wearing or how you look then they are your true friends.

What band is behind the theme tune to friends?

I'll be there for you by the rembrandts

What is the adverb in You must leave your friends behind?

Behind. Ask yourself how you must leave your friends. You will be asking yourself the way in which the action of leaving is performed, an therefore which word is ADding to the VERB. :)

What does it mean when a boy touch a girl hand?

It means that the boy likes you and if he does it in front of friends then he really likes you but if he does it behind his friends back he doesn't want his friends to know that he likes you. take it from me i'm a girl and the behind the back thing has happened to me.

What is another word for behind?


How can you stand behind your father if he is standing behind you?

If you stand back-to-back. you will both be standing behind one another.

How do you stop your friends from talking behind your back?

Choose friends that don't do that. Also, don't do things that are worth talking about behind your back. Ultimately, you can not control other people's actions, only your own.

What if you found out that one of your closest friends talk negative things behind your back?

It matters. If it is a girl, sometimes they would argue, thugh it is better not to. Most people recomend talking it out, but honestly, I'd give the kid what he deserves, my fist. lol. Hope this helps.