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To reset the sunroof you must push the sunroof switch up and hold it for a few seconds then turn it to fully opened, then to closed.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-27 19:18:27
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Q: What should you do to reset the sunroof on a 1997 Cadillac Catera if the operations in the manuel doesn't work?
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How do you fix the sunroof in a 1997 Cadillac Catera?

in your manual it says to do a reset by turning the knob to close and push it in for 5 seconds. if that doesnt work check your fuses. there are 2 #15 and #twenty something mabe 23. if that doesnt work replace the sunroof motor

What does the letters CTS in Cadillac CTS mean?

They used to stand for Catera Touring Sedan when the CTS first replaced the Catera. Now it doesnt mean anything in particular. Just a model line in Cadillac that is a Sedan, Coupe, and Sport Wagon.

How does a 1984 Porsche sunroof close if switch doesnt work?

how does the sunroof work on a 1984 posche There are several electrical relays for the sunroof. I'd recommend going to: look up sunroof.

2001 cadillac catera What would cause a coolant low light although the tank is filled to cold line and the engine is not over heating?

Bad sensor? There is a coolant temp. sensor that goes bad. Mine been on for over a yr doesnt mean it is low....just bad sensor.

Where is the1998 Cadillac Seville fuel cut-off switch?

doesnt have one

Why wont the windshield wipers shut off in your 2004 cadillac cts?

because it doesnt work

Why does my cadillac catera 99 revs up but doesnt go then stumbles and kicks when driving more than 30 min?

May be the throttle position sensor(TPS). I'mhaving the same trouble with mine. I kno in past cases, with different vehicles I've own, that when it revs high and stumbles or sputters it's usually the TPS. It's like $35 from Advance Auto.

How do you stop sunroof leaking on 1997 Renault clio?

you can try replacing the ruber seal but to be honest the best way is to silicon it shut so it doesnt open or leak! you can try replacing the ruber seal but to be honest the best way is to silicon it shut so it doesnt open or leak!

What can I do myself to start a Cadillac DeVille that ran out of gas and will not start?

go buy some fuel. if it doesnt start check fuel pump.

Is the vacuum pump needed on a 1985 Cadillac eldorado can it be eliminated?

yes it is needed the engine doesnt produce enough vac. on its own to run brakes and a/c

Why doesnt your pop trunk work on a 95 Cadillac Sedan De Ville?

The release actuator probably sheared the rod off. Common thing with GM vehicles.

What is wrong if you just changed your brakes on your 1990 Cadillac Deville but it doesnt want to move forward or back its as if the brakes locked?

did the parking brake get set, or the shoes adjusted too tight?

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Interior lights on 2003 Cadillac deville not working. In the fuse box it doesnt indicate which fuse is for the interior lights?

fuse #17 in the fuse box located under the rear seat bench

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Be patient and take your time its a two or more person jobe so you will need someone else i have the exact same car im sure (75 superbeetle w/ sunroof) the best thing to do is strip the interior (remove the front and rear windows and rear side windows(manditory) and the seats and sunroof that way its easier to wrap the fabric around the frame) iv gotton most of mine done and its not easy what i did was started at the sunroof because it doesnt move obviously and worked my way back after carful maping out every piece to find out were it goes but good luck and remeber two people and very tim consuming of course you could take it to a hot rod shop and they could do it for 3-400 dollars but its not as hard as it seems

1999 ford escort zx2 my sunroof does not work it wont open or close When i hit the button it doesnt even make a sound it does nothing How can i fix it And what Caused this problem?

well my 1998 Ford escort zx2 has a fuse under the grey plastic housing on the inside. If this is blown it will make no sound.

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