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What should you do to stop the gaps between your teeth if you had braces years ago and now they are getting separated again?


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You're not going to want to hear this but you have to get braces again. Yeah, bummer. Same thing happened to me. I thought once you had braces that was it. Forever. Not so. Many people find that their teeth begin to move 20, 30 + years after having their braces off. I'm 37 and had my braces off when I was around 12 or so. My teeth started moving a lot about two years ago. My dentist told me that lots of people need (what she called) "a second round of ortho." Ideally its best to have your teeth corrected before they get TOO much out of whack again. I just don't have the dental insurance for that. Braces nowadays come in clear and even removable form so you won't look like you did when you first had braces. Do a Google search on "adult braces" and you'll find plenty of articles! ~ T


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i am 11 and i have braces if you r umcofortable with the idea get clar brace it hurt getting metal braces in my oppinian

There is lots of advice one should know about when getting braces. Perhaps the best place to find out what one should know is by talking to one's dentist. Some general advice with braces is to avoid any food that is sticky, chewy, or hard. One should expect sore teeth for several days after getting braces and having teeth loosen while wearing the braces is normal and expected and they should regain their rigidity again later.

Not at all! I was extremely worried about getting braces. I was afraid that it would hurt. It doesn't hurt at all! Don't worry about getting braces, you'll have a beautiful smile afterward! :)(P.S. Many people are asking if getting your braces tightened hurts. I got mine tightened for the first time a few weeks ago, and everywhere it said 'getting your braces tightened hurts.) It doesn't hurt. Maybe some people have different types of braces, but I assure you there is nothing to be worried about!)

When your teeth are almost completely straight, your braces should be coming off soon.

If you are only getting braces, it should be your next appointment, that's when it was for me. But your dentist may be different. Btw eat like crazy before you get them as the following week will be hard!! Good luck

You should get silver braces :)

The main positive outcome of braces on teeth is that the patient will have straight teeth, making it harder for food to get stuck between them. There should be no gaps between teeth.

Yes you can. But since it has alot of sugar you should brush your teeth right after to prevent getting black marks under your braces.

u have to get silver braces. there no colored braces they just have colored brackets around them. very bright green

They do make lone peice vampire for your top and bottom teeth. They are rather cheep and should work with braces.

To be honest i havent actually had my braces fitted yet, but im getting them the day after next and i go to a private orthodontist who told me it should take up to 45 minutes. And im getting both sets of braces fitted (top and bottom) which means it would take even less if your just getting one of the two.

they will feel sore after getting them put on a wee while after it, but not enough that you should stay off school :) just need to watch what you eat so you dont break them.

The braces will straighten the crossbite out.

Like a week after you should get braces.

The best way to straighten your teeth is with braces. If you want cosmetic dentistry you should wait until you are in your mid twenties.

well i think you should wear any braces you want but if you realy want help i think blonds should wear silver braces i !!

yes you should get braces for gaps

you should complain immediately. my friend's dentist did that and she had to get braces.

Not at the very moment your dentist is attaching the braces to your teeth... it becomes uncomfortable afterward about a day after when your lips are getting used to your braces. You would usually get mouth blisters and cuts. Your dentist should give you some pain relief pill to help you with this.

Yes! I have pink and blue braces and they ROCK!

if braces should be take care teeth braces not cause root cancel

You can play whenever you want to, just wear a mouthguard and be careful with your mouth. I am a goalie, and I went back to playing soccer the day after I put on my braces.

go bak too your dentist as there is something oviously wrong xXx

The length of time braces need to be worn depends on the condition of the teeth of the wearer. In most cases, braces are worn for well over a year, but wearing them longer than five years is rare.

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