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Some women have a bad habit of dragging their friends along with her boyfriend (especially girlfriends) and it get's to be a drag after awhile. It's fine to go out to clubs as a group once in awhile, but it's best to go out with your boyfriend to a movie, just stay home and cuddle up, etc. (LOL) and have a nice private evening to yourselves. You can mix the both of them together. Why don't you just ask him what he means by this. I have a hunch you drag too many people along everywhere you go. Don't! Marcy

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Q: What should you do when a guy says he would rather go out with you than your friends?
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What does it mean when my Ex's friends tells him that he should go back out with me but he says Hmm I don't know?

It means they would rather date you than him. They want you to be around again

Should you believe him if he says he just wants to be friends?

If he says he just wants to be friends that means he just wants to be friends so YES you should believe him.

What happens when a girl says ew when a person tells her to sit next to you?

It means they don't like you or they would rather sit with their friends.

What should you do if your friend says no?

Accept that as your friends answer.

What does it mean when you tell your boyfriend he can go with his friends but he says he would rather be with you?

It means he truly cares about you and wants to be with you. Don't be worried about it. It just means that he wants to spend time with you, and there's nothing wrong with that. My boyfriend does it all the time hed rather be with me than his friends.

One of my best friends dated this guy and cheated and broke up with him that was a while ago and I've liked him for a while now he said he likes me is it okay if I date him if she says I can?

If the friend who went out with the guy first says that she does not have a problem with it then it would be fine to go out with the guy. If the friend says that she would rather you did not go out with the guy and the friendship is important to the person and the friend means a lot to them they it they should not.

Is it better to stay friends or date?

I Think You Should Stay Friends Because If He/She Says No Then, Your Friendship Would Be Ruined With Him/Her Knowing You Like Them. So Stay Friends, Unless You Know That They Like You Back! :)

What does the saying mean that says you would rather be shot?

that u would rather be dead then going through something bad

How do you get to your friends cell numbers on facebook?

you go to your friends list and their should be a tab that says phonebook

Is it wrong to date your friends sister?

well you should talk to your friend first and see if it would be okay. then depending on what he says, go from there.

What if he says no in front of your friends?

If he says no in front of your friends, don't sweat it. If they make fun of you, just walk away. If they mind, they obviously aren't your friends. just think about what you would do if they were you.

Ok so what does it mean when friends ask the guy you like if hed date you and he says yeswhat do you do?

what do u mean? maybe ur friends were trying to just be friends. if u like him then date and maybe just let your friends know that u would rather ask the guys nout from here on.

What does it mean when a boy breaks up with his girlfriend and says he wants to end his friendship?

Most couples that end a relationship would rather move on then remain friends. Once lovers it is rather difficult to remain friends and see your counterpart date other people. He is letting you know the relationship he had with you is completely over and he chooses to move on and not remain friends.

What if he says his friends are more importat?

If i was in your place, it would be over.

If im in 7th grade and your boy friends cheating on you and he says they're just friends but the girl says they're boyfriend and girlfriend who should you believe?

neither one

Is it ok for a girlfriend to go out with her friends but without you all the time?

Ya, its ok when she goes out with her friends sometimes, but you should go sometimes too. If she says no, my question would be why wouldn't she want you to go?

What to do when your girlfriend keeps talking on phone with her male friends if cannot stand it?

Perhaps you should stop being so possessive and let her have her friends. If she says they're only friends, have some trust. Would you be acting this way if they were girls?

A guy who shows that that he loves the girl...but when that girl ask him about it then he says they are only close friends...what does it mean?

there are so close tat they rather be friends than a boyfriend or girlfriend

What does it mean if your girlfriend says 'being just friends is something I could never go back to being with you'?

It means she would rather never talk to you again then be friends as she is too embarassed, i said the same to my boyfriend before we broke up last week

If a girl says she wants to be just friends but she likes you and you like her what should you do?

Be just friends. friendhip does not depend on having sex.

You like this girl and you are friends she knows you love her and her friend hates you and says the girl you are friends with hates you what should you do?

give her anal

In twilight who knew that they would be friends with Bella?

Alice. She says it in the kitchen.

You like a girl but you are friends you are afraid that if you ask her out and she says no you can never be friends again what should you do?

you should ask her out anyways. most likely, she will say yes or if she says no you will still be friends. most people go out with their friends at some point and it works out better because you alot about the other person so you know how to treat them and how to act in a relationship.

Should you kiss your best friend even though she says she just wants to be friends?

I think you should but make it just a quick kiss on the lips. She just said she didn't want to be more than friends. Leave it at that. Doing so anyway would just make it awkard and may make her mad. I know I would be mad if one of my guy friends did that.

In Warhammer Fantasy game what do you do when it says special attacks in the characterisitcs?

It should say what the attacks are and then you do what it says rather than using strength and things.

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