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Children should be taught what guns are, and to leave them alone unless they are with a responsible adult. And since children do not always listen, firearms should be securely stored under lock.

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Q: What should you know about child gun safety?
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Why should you be for gun safety?

Because if you are against gun safety, you're probably dangerous when handling a gun. Many people that are not for gun safety never will and don't know as much as they probably should know about their gun/guns they own.

How old you have to be to have a bb gun?

There is no set age limit. This is best decided by the Parent and child. If an educated parent feels it is the right time for the child to learn good safety gun handling then I encourage that they take the time to teach or have someone teach the child how to handle the BB gun. It's all about education and safety.The age that I think is right for a child to have a BB gun is 10, because they would have seen enough gun accidents so they will know (hopefully) what not to do and what to do.Depends on your parents and the police.

Should an 11 year old have a pellet gun?

That decision is up to the parents. Is the child mature enough to use the gun with care. Do they know how to handle the gun safely. Do they know it's NOT a Toy. All these things should be considered.

How old should be to use a panit ball gun?

You must be 11 to play and 18 to buy a gun. If you have had the proper introduction on paintball safety (mask, safety, gun operation) , they you should be fine.

How old should a kid be to have an air soft gun?

Old enough to demonstrate responsibility and know rules of firearm safety.

Can you hunt with out gun safety?

I think you should be able to spell safety before you can fire a weapon

Would there be less self caused gun accidents if you took gun safety?

Anyone who has a firearm should take a gun handling and safety course. Guns don't shoot themselves.

What position should the safety be on a gun?

Safe, until ready to fire.

How should guns be transported in a VESSEL?

Unloaded with safety on and in a gun case..."KAUAIBOY"

Should every one have gun?

No, just as not everyone should have a car or a child

Gun Safety Courses?

Firearms safety is important for any use of a gun, especially concealed carry. Training in gun safety will be included in CCW courses.

What are the safety conditons for coax machine gun?

There is a few safety conditions for a coax machine gun. Some of the safety rules are clan gun after every use, put on safety and always aim to the ground.

Why 500 feet used in gun safety?

What do you mean 500 feet used in gun safety?

Has a gun ever went off in safety?

Possible if the safety or the gun is damaged. Unlikely, but possible.

Should you let your son get an airsoft gun?

Not until he demonstrates the fundamentals of firearms safety, IMHO

What is the proper way to carry a BB Gun?

It should be discharged, unloaded and with the safety on. If you are going to be in public, then I would carry it in a proper gun case out of sight or don't bring attention to it. Always remember Safety first.

Why do arguments end up in gun fights?

They should not. If they do, it is because the person is an idiot/ spoiled child who should not HAVE a gun. Guns are for grownups- if you behave in that way, you are not a grownup.

Can you take a gun safety class if you are pregnant?

Most gun ranges will not allow pregant women to shoot, but it isn't illegal, at least not in most states, but it is highly recommended that you don't. If the particular gun safety class doesn't involve any shooting, then you should be fine.

Why parents shouldn't have a gun in their house?

I have to disagree with the statement you made. Parents that have a gun in the house should have secure storage for it, and teach children to leave guns alone, and teach them gun safety.

How do you use the word safety in a sentence?

Safety:For your safety and mine, we should never be in the lab unsupervised.Always wear a safety belt it may save your life.We were concerned for the children's' safety when we saw them talking to a stranger.The safety lock on the hunter's gun was jammed.

What kind of questions are on a gun safety test?

Rules for safe firearms handling and use are on gun safety tests.

How do you clean a gun?

It depends on the gun, but in general, you field strip it, put some gun cleaner on it, wipe the gun cleaner off, lube it, then reassemble the gun. You should consult the manual for the specific gun to verify any specific requirement and safety information.

Should you let your son get a airsoft gun?

Only if he can pass an NRA taught course on firearms safety.

How do you load and shoot pump action shot gun?

You should really take an NRA safety course

Is a gun safety class required in Illinois?

It depends on what you mean. Gun safety class for what purpose? Illinois does not issue a gun carry permit so there is no safety class for that. If you mean for a different purpose, it depends on what the purpose it.