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While letters were very romantic years ago (still are to this day, but not as popular) it's best to leave the love letter idea alone until you know this girl a little better and you actually have a strong relationship. If you write a love letter and she is immature she may not keep your letters to herself, but show them off to her girlfriends or, if you should ever split up embarrass you by them. Now is not the time. If you feel the need to tell her you love her do so in person if possible (away from others) or, if she is in another town phone her and tell her. Emails don't cut it! Good luck Marcy

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Q: What should you write in a letter to a girl to let her know you love her?
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Is it right for a guy to write a love letter to a girl?

Of course it's right for a guy to write a love letter to a girl. If a guy has strong feelings for a girl he should let her know. Even if the guy is unsure about how the girl feels about him, it's okay. Just make sure no one else sees it except for the girl.

How do you write a letter to the principal of the college to grant a leave for a week?

You should write the letter as soon as you know about your leave. In the letter, you should include the amount of leave you need to take and why you are taking the leave.

How do you write a character reference letter for a friend?

You should first write down how long you have know the person. You should also write down good things about the person.

How do you write a salutation in a letter to a lieutenant colonel?

I need to write a formal letter to a Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army. How should I write the "Dear ...." and the "Yours ...". I know that Colonel is appropriate for a spoken greeting. Thanks Steve

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how do you write a letter to bank manager to know your transaction

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just write it like a normal address simple, if you don't know how to write a normal address here is how: name address city, state zip/postal code

If you write a letter and don't know the person what do you put at the end?

If you begin the letter with 'Dear Sir or Dear Madam', the letter should end 'Yours Faithfully'. If you start a letter with the persons name it should end 'Yours Sincerely'

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you can write her a note Write her a letter or even get to know her a little more see if she lets you know herself You can go up to her and ask her "if she wants your dick in her mouth" its simple I don't suggest doing that not unless your older than me and I still don't think you should do that she might just kick you in the place below their.

How to write Sample letter to new customer?

When writing the letter, you want to thank the customer for their business. You should also let them know how you can be contacted if they ever have a problem.

What should you do if you don't know if a girl likes you?

go to 'ask' and type in 'how do you know if a girl likes you' you should find all you need there

Should you write a love letter to your crush?

Many have been there, it depends on the kind pf person you're crushing on, if you know that person inside out, you'll know the answer yourself...

In a Formal letter do you write sincerley?

You could write either, Yours Sincerely (if you know them) or Yours Faithfully (if you don't know them).

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To write a welcome letter to clients, you should try to make them feel important to you. Let them know how happy you are to be doing business with them. Let them know that you are available to answer any questions or complaints. Finally, talk about your hope for a long and successful relationship with one another.

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I do not know what i am doing

What should you do if you like a girl but don't know if she likes you?

Well I am a girl, and if you like a girl and you know that she likes you then, have your friend ask her out for you.

Who invented how to write letters?

We will never know who the first human to write a letter was. However, we do know writing was invented by the Sumerians, so it is very likely they invented letter writing.

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You should tell the other girl and both break up with your boyfriend.

Should you ask a cute girl out or get to know her better?

If you want to go out with a girl you should always try and get to know her better before you ask her out.

How long should you know a girl?

Youu should at leat know her for atleast 2 months ;

You know this girl likes you and you like her what should you do?

You should ask her out!

What should you do about your love for a guy who left to the military and he didnt know you loved him?

Military personnel can receive mail. You may wish to write him a letter.

What do you put before your you write your name in a letter?

In a somewhat formal letter, you should put "yours sincerely" (if you know the person you are adressing by name) or "yours faithfully" (if you don't). If you know the person you are writing well, you can end with "best regards".

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