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Germany, the Axis, the bad guys.

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Q: What side was Hitler on in World War 2?
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Who was the leader on the Axis side of world war 2?


Was adolf Hitler on allied or axis side in world war 2?

Adolf Hitler was on the axis side during WWII.

As Hitler is to World War 2 who was for World War I?

Adolph Hitler was the Leader of Germany in World War 2 Kaiser Wilhelm was the leader of Germany in World War 1 but Adolph Hitler was still alive.

What war did Hitler start?

Hitler stared world war 2

What side of World War 2 was Adolf Hitler on?

Nazi Germany -Axis -bad guys

Who were the main leaders of the axis side in world war 2?

Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler

What did Hitler do between World War 1 and World War 2?

Hitler did a little dance

Which world war did Hitler reign?

World War 2

Which World War did Hitler start?

World War 2

Who was on Hitler's side during World War 2?

Italy and japan. Austria wasn't technically on their side. Hitler forcefully annexed it.

Where did Adolf Hitler star World War 2?

Hitler suppose to start World War 2 when he invaded Poland in 1939.

When do Hitler won the World War 2?

Hitler lost WW 2.

What was the great war of Hitler?

World War 2.

Did ww1start with Adolf Hitler?

No, world war 1 was not caused by Hitler. he was just a soldier fighting in world war 1 but Hitler DEFENITLY caused world war 2.

How was Hitler during World War 2?

hitler was a fusterated man who loved war

When world war ended was Hitler still in power?

Hitler died before the end of World War 2.

Did Hitler cause World War 1 and World War 2?

You can say Hitler caused WW2, but not WW1.

What country did adolf hitler lead during world war 2?

Adolf Hitler led Germany through World War 2.

What country did Adolf Hitler rule in war world 2?

Germany.Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany during World War 2.

What country was invaded by Hitler and Stalin to spark world war 2?

Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland and sparked World War 2.

What did Adolf Hitler have to do with World War 2?

Hitler was Fuhrer of Germany when world war 2 started Hitler had a major part in world war 2 because he sent german troops and the SS to invade countries in Europe such as France, Belgium, and the USSR. If you know what germany did during World War 2 then all of that was ordered by Adolf Hitler

Was Hitler in World War 1 or 2?


Did Hitler started World War I?

no but Hitler was involved as a soldier in world war 1. he did cause world WA 2 though

How Hitler contributed to world war 2?

Hitler did not contribute to it, he started it.

Who did the World War 2 started?

Hitler started world war 2 when he invaded Poland.