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What side was Lincoln for in the civil war?


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The North.

His mission was to defeat the Confederacy and preserve the Union.


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Abraham Lincoln fought for the North in the Civil War.Lincoln was part of the Union. This is is the side located in the Northern U.S.

Lincoln was shot after the civil war

The majority of the democrats were on the side of the confederates during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was actually a republican. Believe it or not!!!

the civil war Lincoln was prez when the civil war happened

Abraham Lincoln was president at the time of the US Civil War. His goal was to end the Southern rebellion. He was a Unionist and not a Confederate.

abraham lincoln was a chief and the president in the civil war

He was on the North's side. He also wanted to end slavery

yes Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the civil war.

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the Union in the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln spearheaded the efforts of unity after the civil war.

Abraham Lincoln was never a general during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States during the Civil War.

AnswerNo, Lincoln was killed about a week after the end of the Civil War.

Lincoln did lots of things for the civil war but i don't know them can u help me

No. President Lincoln was assassinated after the Civil War was over.

Abraham Lincoln was a leader in the Civil War and he also defeated the South

Mary Todd Lincoln was the wife of US President Abraham Lincoln so she was on the Union side. However, she had a brother-in-law who was a Confederate general.

5 days after the US Civil War ended, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Abraham Lincoln served as POTUS during the Civil War.

The Union (North) - that is, the states of the USA, minus the states that had rebelled.

They had the President, Mr. Lincoln, on their side.

yeah, definitely, he led the union in the civil war, but not directly he just was on their side

Abraham Lincoln was against the act of slavery. Lincoln took part in the Civil war as a leader in the battle.

Lincoln was shot 5 days after the civil war officially ended

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