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A Honda Civic coupe has 9003 headlight bulbs

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Q: What size HID headlights bulb does a 1999 Honda civic use?
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How do you replace the rear brake light bulb on a 2004 Honda Civic?

How do you replace the rear brake light bulb on a 2001 Honda civic?"

On a 1999 Honda civic automatic transmission how do I gain access to replace the column gear shift light bulb?

I think thers a manual for it

How do you replace the shifter light in the center console of a 1999 Honda Civic LX?

The shifter light on the center console of a 1999 Honda Civic can be reached by removing the center console assembly. Loosen all of the proper screws and pull off the assembly. Once the bulb is visible replace the unit using an appropriate sized bulb.

How do you replace Honda taillight bulb?

how do you replace a taillight on a Honda 2002 Civic?

What type of headlight bulb fits 2002 civic?

Icluding aftermarket headlights??

Bulb size for Honda civic lx 2005?


Honda civic type r 2004 front bulb replacement?

yeah a h1 bulb

What kind of headlight bulb does a 2004 Honda Civic EX have?


What is the 96 Honda civic headlight light bulb size?


What kind of headlight bulb does a 1997 Honda Civic DX hatchback have?

9003 or H4, same bulb.

What causes both headlights to work on low beam but one high beam does not work even though the bulb is good and what should be checked on a 1992 Honda Civic?

check the fuses. Some Hondas use a separate fuse for each bulb.

What are the bulb replacement numbers on a 94 Honda civic lx?

On the bulb itself Owner's manual

What is the model number for a headlight replacement bulb on a 2002 Honda civic?


Will an H4 headlight bulb fit a 94 Honda civic?

Yup they sure do 9003/ h4 fits a 94 civic

What can cause the parking light on a 1998 Honda civic to be broken?

A parking light on your 1998 Honda Civic might not work because the bulb is broken or because the fuse has blown. It might also have an issue with the wiring between the fuse and the bulb.

What type of bulb do I need in order to replace a burnt out headlight on my Honda Civic?

If you take out the bulb, it should have information printed directly on it. In my case (2001 Honda Civic LX 2 DR), the bulb reads 9003 HB2 H4 60/55W. If you get a 9003 compatible bulb, then it should work.

What size bulb for a 2001 Honda civic ep3?

Ep3 years 2002-2005

What are the bulb size for a gauge cluster on honda civic 4dr ex?

24 and 74

How do you replace Civic sidelight bulb 96?

The side marker on a 1996 Honda Civic is replace by lifting the hood and locating the light housing. Once found unplug the bulb. Remove the old bulb and insert the new unit.

When turning on the headlights in a 2001 Honda civic the dashboard light does not come on do i need to replace bulb?

Before checking fuses, check that operator error hasn't turned off panel lights at the dimmer. Check owners manual.

How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 1999 Honda Civic?

Turn the wheel to the left if changing the passinger side bulb and to the right if changing the drivers side bulb. Remove the pop out plug holding on the plastic wheelwell cover, reach in and turn the bulb holder a quarter turn, replace the bulb and re-assemble.

What holds the headlight bulbs in place on a 1999 Honda Civic SI?

there is a metal clip that is latched in place that goes across the top of the bulb. Push it in and move it up and over to the side. The bulb might be loose so be care it might fall out.

How do you replace the headlight bulb on a 1998 Honda Civic ex?

drop the bumper and take the headlight housing out

What will i do if everything except the rear parking light on a 93 Honda civic?

check fuse, change bulb

How much does it cost to replace the bulb on a Honda civic headlight?

$13 plus 5 minutes of your time.