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The shifter light on the center console of a 1999 Honda Civic can be reached by removing the center console assembly. Loosen all of the proper screws and pull off the assembly. Once the bulb is visible replace the unit using an appropriate sized bulb.


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it is under the center console, in front of the shifter

The center console on a 1988 Honda Civic is mounted using several screws. Locate and remove all the mounting hardware to pull the center console off. After the screws are off gently pull the center console out.

under the center consul in front of the gear shifter

The 2003 Honda Civic OBD 2 port is behind center console

The SRS control unit is found behind the center console on a 2002 Honda Civic. Removing the center console will show the unit which will be mounted to the floor of the car.

if you dont have a slot on console you have to pop remove the center console plate on top there a release under there

The radio on a 1987 Honda Civic is held in place by the center console. First remove the center console to reveal the several mounting screws holding the unit in place. Remove the mounting screws and pull the radio out of the car.

The 2006 Honda Civic OBD 2 port is under driver side dash next to center console

the back up light switch is located in the gear shifter console

its in the center console. pull out the ash tray and its right under it

shifter bushing has been worn out. should be able to repair under the car.maybe Civic Shifter Bushing Kit-Energy Susp #16-1101r

To remove the CD player on a 2004 Honda Civic Type R loosen all of the center console mounting screws. Take a plastic pry to pull back the center console from the clips. Gently remove the center console and loosen the screws holding the CD player to the cabin. Remove the player.

The 2007 Honda Civic OBD 2 port is under driver side dash next to center console

The 2006 Honda Civic OBD 2 port is under driver side dash next to center console

After you remove the center console, you can reach around the back of the dash and disconnect the power cable to the socket, then hold the "nut" on the back of the socket and unscrew the socket.

On the U.S. 2004 Civic EX, if you put your foot on the gas pedal, it is above and to the right of your ankle. It looks like it is attached to the center console on my Civic EX.

The 2007 Honda Civic OBD 2 port is under driver side dash next to center console

The 2006 Honda Civic OBD 2 port is under driver side dash next to center console

just take it out- someone who dosn't own the same car.

Automatic or manual trans?

1) Remove the screws holding the center console in place. *Note: The center console is separated into 2 sections: The armrest, and where the stick shift is. 2) Carefully remove and unlatch where the two pieces connect and pull the armrest section out of the vehicle avoiding the E brake. 3) Remove either the shift boot from the shifter OR take off the shifting knob. 4) Carefully Pull the section out and above the cup holder. and that's it. then simply reverse the process to put it back on. i hope this helped

To remove the stereo off of a 1999 Honda Civic loosen all of the mounting screws for the center console. Pull out the console is loosen the stereo mounting screws. With everything off pull the stereo and unplug the radio.

I haven't done it (yet), but it should be pretty simple - there are about 6-8 Phillips screws to remove the console and access the shifter - from there you should be able to find the receptacles and change the bulbs. (I assume you mean the floor shifter lights, not the dash shift position indicator lights.)

To remove the original cassette player from a 2001 Honda Civic loosen all of the mounting screws to the center console. Remove the screws and any clips. Pull of the center console to reach the bracket for the radio. Remove the mounting screws off of the bracket. Pull out and disconnect the radio.

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