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it depend,s on what kind of tires you want on your car? if you contact your local hal-Ford,s they will give you a correct size as they have a tyre and alloy guide on there system. on my 2001 corsa b i have 205/40/17 yet they do suggest that you have 15,s on the corsa b unless they are low profiles which mine are. hope this helps!!1 yeah i recently bought a corsa b and mine has 17 inch alloys on it but i have low prfile tyres and these are just about the right size. i would not suggest any bigger that 17 inch but i do advise 17 or 16 inch because they just look so much better

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Q: What size alloys and tyres fit a corsa b with out modifying the arches?
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what is the maximum size alloys and tyres you can fit on a 2006 vectra 2.2 SRi?

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Check the psi on the tyres

What is the tire pressure for a vauxhall corsa?

Depends on the tyre size. For 13" Tyres use 30 PSI. Ive seen 16" tyres use 32 PSI so around 31 PSI for 14 or 15 inch tyres.

What size alloys can you fit on a VW Golf Mark 3?

only go up to 15 inch. u can put 17s on but with 15 inch alloys the handling remains excellent. also use 195/50 r15 pirelli tyres.

Vauxhall Corsa power steering to light at speed?

In the unmodified corsa (c) I find at speed or during hard acceleration in the 1st and 2nd gears that the steering is like driving on ice and at times can make me slightly nervous. But its not really much of a problem on straight roads or roads with slight curves however when taking tight corners the corsa definitely benefits from late and hard braking to force the nose down to keep the tyres in touch or the car has a habit of understeering. Lower the car 40mm and buy better tyres and the problem will be greatly reduced.

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I have a 1995 Volvo 850 and they currently have a size of 195/60 - R15 88V. They are Pirelli tyres on Volvo standard 5 spigot T5 alloys

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i fitted S type alloys with 225 x 45 x 16 tyres to my 2004 X type 2.0 D, the tyres rub as standard so i fitted a 5mm universal spacer to all 4 wheels problem solved and no issues

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Front tyres 30psi Rear tyres 34ps1 Fully loaded 5 passengers with luggage Front tyres 30psi Rear tyres 38psi This is for Tyres 185/60/R15

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Would laguna wheels fit the espace?

Yes I have a set of Laguna alloys on my 97 2.2dt. Only thing to remember is that the tyres will probably need changed as mpv,s require a stronger outer wall.Hope this helps

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