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Q: What size engine dose a 1992 Honda Prelude si have?
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How much horse power dose a 89 Honda Prelude have?

depends if it is carburated of fuel injected, carb has 105, and the fuel injected has 135

What size of engine dose a Honda civic 1993 hatchback have?

Its either a 1.5 or 1.6 depending on which model you have.

Where is clutch slave cylinder on 1985 Honda Prelude to fill?

hi, you may find that it dose not have a clutch cylinder, as this model usually has a cable. confirm this by following thru from top of clutch pedal. regards razzel

What size engine dose a 1996 Honda Civic have?

It either has a 1.5 or a 1.6 4 cylinder depending on the trim level.

How much horse power dose a 1992 Toyota Celica have?

depending on what engine you have? mines a 2.0l dohc 16v inj,(engine code st182) they are 158bhp standard...

Dose a 1998 Honda 300 ex has transmission oil and how do you change it?

Yes, the engine oil . Just change the engine oil,it lubes the trans & engine. I recomend 10w40 for normal riding & 20w50 for hard riding.

How many seats dose a Honda Odyssey have?

I think a Honda Odyssey has 8 seats

How much is worth a Honda 1997 600cc?

how much dose it cost. 1997 Honda motorcycle 600

Does the 2014 Honda Accord have a timing chain?


How fast does a 18CXP engine go?

how fast dose a 15cxp nitro car engine go in kph and how fast dose an 18cxp nitro car engine go in kph

How many quarts of oil dose a 2001 Honda Passport holds?

How many quarts of oil does a 2001 Honda passport hold

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How mpg dose a Honda Accord 4 cylinder get?

A new 2012 Honda Accord 4 cylinder gets 23 city 34 highway.

Why does all the antifreeze leak out when you turn on the ac from your 2000 Honda accored?

why dose all the antifreeze leak out when you turn on the ac from your 2000 honda accored

Dose getting a new engine reset the odometer?

no the odometer is for the car not the engine

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What size gas tank dose a 1999 Honda civic gx ngb have?


What type of oil dose a honda xr 500 take?

SAE 10w30 synthetic.

What horsepower is a 691cc Chrysler boat motor?

dose this engine take oil or gas mix

Does 91 lx civic have a fuel light?

Dose a 91 honda civic have a gas light

How much horse power dose a 1992 2.5 vigor have?

176 HP

How much horsepower dose a 1979 camaro have?

Depends on engine...

How much would a timing belt and water pump replacement cost on a 1991 Honda Accord?

How much dose it cost to get a timeing belt and a water pump replaced on a 1991 Honda Accord?

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