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What fram oil filter fits a l3130 Kubota tractor

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2014-07-21 22:47:56
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Q: What size is the Oil Filter on a Kubota L3130 Tractor?
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What does an STP S-045 oil filter fit?

I'm almost positive it fits a small diesel Kubota tractor (I don't know the size or model number of the tractor). I found one of these filters along with a Fram PH3429 which my dad had written "Kubota" on the box. The S-045 is identical in overall size and gasket size as the Fram, so I'm assuming the STP S-045 fits his Kubota tractor......but you know what happens to people that assume something.

Cross reference Kubota oil filter hh164-32430 to fram filter?

I'm told a Fram PH8A is compatible... they are the same physical shape and size, but I havn't personally tried it on my Kubota yet.

What size of filter is used on a 574?

An International 574 is type of Harvester Tractor. The type of air filter is CA1546 Air Metal-End Air Filter UPC 009100524508 it comes in a standard size.

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The size of the back tractor tire on the 4430 JD tractor is 18.4-38.

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What size back tractor tire 44-30 jd The size of tire on a john deer 44-30 farm tractor?

The size of the back tractor tire on the 4430 JD is 18.4-38. The size of the tire on a John Deer 4430 farm tractor is 20.8-34.

What type of Farm Tractor Tires does a John Deere Tractor need?

Any tire made for Tractors will work fine with the John Deere Tractor. Just be aware of the size of your tractor so you can be aware of what size tires you will need to put on the tractor itself.

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What is Battery size for john deere 430 garden tractor?

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