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What size is the hex nut to remove the caliper on the front disc brakes of a 2002 Ford Focus?


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2011-09-13 13:17:58
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7mm Allen


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# Raise and support truck on jackstands and remove tire # Remove the brake caliper.After removing the caliper bolts suspend the caliper out of the way with a piece of wire.On front disc brakes remove the 2 caliper mounting bracket to steering knuckle bolts and detach the mounting bracket.On rear disc brakes the rotor can be removed after the caliper has been removed

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Securely jack out the front and of your VW. Remove the tires and wheels. The brake pads will come off after you remove the brake spring and caliper. Reverse the process to install the new brakes.

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it takes a 7mm Allen wrench to remove calipers on 2003 ford focus.

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This is how you will replace the front brakes on a 2000 Saturn Sc first you will jack the car up with jack stands. You will then remove the front wheels, next remove the upper caliper to mount bolt only. Then you will pivot the caliper downward to access the pads, you will remove the old pads and install the new pads. You will use a 'C' clamp and a old pad to bottom the caliper piston and you will pivot the caliper back into place and re-install the bolt.

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if your looking for the front abs sensors thay are located in the hubs, and would have to remove front tire, brakes,caliper, and rotor to remove.

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