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The 1991 Honda civic uses 6.5" speakers for both front and rear.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 13:19:07
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Q: What size speakers does a 1991 Honda Civic DX 4 doors sedan have?
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Will the drivers door from a 1995 Honda Civic fit a 1994 Honda Civic?

Yes, all civic doors from 92-95 are interchangeable. However coupe/hatchback doors and sedan doors are not.

How many speakers did a 1990 Honda Civic have?

It has two if you have the hatchback, but you can always put more in it. If you have the sedan then there is four

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What are some features of the 2013 Honda Civic sedan car?

Some of the features of the 2013 Honda Civic sedan car is a super fast powered air conditioner, heater, Bluetooth, usb port, high performance speakers and a powerful all season engine.

What is special about the Honda Civic SI Sedan?

The Honda civic sedan is a 4 cylinder, 6-speed, Pandora compatible, 360 Watt audio system with 7 speakers, 60/40 split fold down rear seatback, and a one touch power moon roof with tilt feature. There are many thing that are great about the Honda civic si sedan, but mostly they are starting out at around 21,000$!

Will 96-98 Honda Civic sedan tail lights fit a 99 Honda Civic sedan?

yes, tailligths are the same years 96-99

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I don't have a 1988 honda civic sedan. But if someone did, and that sedan had 14 inch wheels, then yes they would fit on them.

Will a 1997 Honda civic bumper fit on a 2004 Honda civic LX sedan?

I don't think so

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The 2008 Honda Civic LX sedan is a front wheel drive car.

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what does a service B12 mean for a Honda Civic Sedan

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where is the tdc in my 98 civic ex sedan

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